Wednesday 21 May 2014

WEDDING: Bean Bag Bazaar

Just prior to writing this post we booked the flights for our honeymoon - ahhhhhh! I can't believe it - I can't believe we're getting married, I can't believe we're lucky enough to be going on holiday abroad together and I can't believe how much we've already planned for our wedding. It's all so exciting and completely all consuming (in the best way possible)! The honeymoon was the last 'big' thing we needed to book, so now we can put our full focus on to the smaller details. The parts that will make the wedding 'ours' and unique. As we're having a rustic themed wedding in two giant tipi's we wanted to include loads of unique aspects that would add a fun and different dimension to our wedding. A lot of tipi companies offer a 'chill out tent', which is a smaller 'tent' that is attached to the side of the tipi's and is filled with 'chill out' furniture and lanterns. The company we are having our tipi with offer a range of 'chill out' furniture, which is similar to garden furniture, that you can add into the tipi's to add that extra bit of comfort. As with everything that has the 'wedding' label attached to it, the chill out furniture was really expensive to hire (almost £200) so I wanted to come up with our own cosy area for a fraction of the cost.

This is where Bean Bag Bazaar comes into the wedding world in the most perfect way. When we were trying to think of furniture that would be relaxing yet fun we both instantly thought of bean bags! They bring back childhood memories for both of us, so much so Tom began telling me the story of when he jumped on a bean bag so much it popped and his parents STILL find little polystyrene ball in their living room! As the tipi's are pretty big we didn't want tiny beanbags, kind of lost in the corner - it wouldn't exactly shout out 'chill out area'. Bean Bag Bazaar is bean bag heaven - any colour, texture, size, suitable for indoor/outdoor, suitable for pets etc. When I was searching for the perfect bean bag for a tipi wedding, so many ideas popped into my head. We could go down the 'furry' bean bag route - soft, warm and comfy but as we're getting married in August our guests might want to relax outside in the sunshine. This thought led me to the 'Outdoor' section of their website, then I spotted the Bazaar Bag® Indoor & Outdoor Giant Bean Bags* (currently half price at £64.99). They can be used both indoors and outdoors, they're hard wearing, such excellent quality and available in a range of fun colours - black, brown, red, pink, green, lime, blue, orange, aqua, yellow, purple and grey (aqua is shown below). They would be ideal for any wedding's chill out area and lets be honest ladies - those heels can be painful!
When the bean bag is delivered I expected it to be complete but it was in two boxes, which actually made complete sense. Sending a giant 180x140cm bean bag through the post would be a bit of a challenge! You receive the giant bean bag partially filled and then a separate box with more filling you put in yourself. This isn't half as hard as I thought it would be, it was done in about 30 seconds and we only dropped about 5 polystyrene balls.

I took it straight out into the garden to make the most of the sunshine that has greeted us this weekend, wasn't it lovely? It is honestly SO comfortable, it moulds to your shape and holds you there - like a baby being cradled. Tom was instantly jealous and sat down on the bean bag, he couldn't believe how comfortable it was and has put it in the living room for him to lie on and watch tv!

I can see we are going to have to purchase another one (or two) as they are just so incredibly comfy and versatile. Perfect for when we have guests over to our house and we don't have enough seats, perfect for lounging around on at home, perfect for sunbathing, perfect for having a picnic in the garden - just generally perfect!

Just to show it's size - it's almost as tall as me and I'm 5"8!

Have you ever tried one of these large bean bags?

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  1. I love beanbag chairs but this is probably the best one I've seen it's just so massive!! Looks super comfortable :) Where are you going on your honeymoon?! So exciting, I hope you have a wonderful wedding as well Xx

    1. We're going to America and Mexico - so excited as I've never been to Mexico and Tom's not been to either. It will be quite an adventure :)

      Helen x


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