Friday 23 May 2014

WEDDING: Make-Up Trial at Home

As our wedding creeps closer and closer, we're edging on only 2 months to go, I have been upping the anti with finding the perfect beauty products. I have decided to do my own make up, I've had my make up done before a couple of times and always had bad experiences (completely the wrong colour foundation used, horrendously bright eye shadows that I'd never normally wear etc.) I'm excited to try loads of different make up products out over the next couple of months to see what suits me, lasts the longest and looks flawless all day!

If there's one area of my make up application I'm a little concerned about, it has to be the eyes. On a day to day basis I only apply eyeliner and mascara, never eye shadow, so it's the area I'm the least confident with. Over the past couple of months I've been trying to become more adventurous with my use of eye shadow but it's still something I need to work hard at before I'm happy with a 'wedding look'.

Here's some of the hair and make up looks I've been trialling so far...

I'd be so grateful if you can recommend any products or tips on how to keep my make up looking flawless :)

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