Thursday 19 June 2014

EVENT: The Summer Good Food Show

Last weekend we visited the second best food event of the year, in my opinion. The first being The Good Food Show that happens at the end of November at the NEC every year, it's filled to the brim with hard working, talented people offering the public a vast range of delicious goodies. The Summer Good Food Show is second best because the Gardening Show is combined with the Good Food Show, which means there is less food and more flowers. Perfect for some but I'm certainly someone who has a bigger love for food than gardening!

We had such a lovely day wandering around the many food stalls, tasting I don't know how many different cheeses, checking out the flowers to get ideas for our wedding and watching/meeting celebrity chefs. If you've never been to a Good Food Show then I'd highly recommend you check out the one at the end of November this year!

^The tastiest ice-cream from Joe Deluccis^

^Loads of mini sponges from Sponge - they deliver cake to your home too, so check out their website!^

^A refreshing sparkling drink from Qcumber^

^Bluebird Tea Co. have the most fantastic range of interesting tea blends.^

^BiscuitButter is completely new to me - it looks like peanut butter but it tastes of crushed biscuits!^

^I've been a huge fan of Belvoir Fruit Farm Cordials for a long time now, I love their Ginger and Apple Cordial warm in the winter and their Elderflower ice-cold in the summer. They have so many different cordials now, there's something for everyone!^

^Abel & Cole had this gorgeous display of fresh vegetable boxes that you can have delivered. I love the concept of this, it feels so natural, organic and healthy!^

^Some family friends first introduced me to Rubis wine - it's a smooth chocolate wine that is so delicious. Tom likes to add it into chilli con carne too!^

^As a frequent visitor to food shows I often see The Little Round Cake Company and am completely taken in by how amazing their cakes look. Though 'little' is in the name of the company, if there's something these cakes are it isn't little!^

^The flower section of the show was stunning and we noted down a number of beautiful flowers that we might use at our wedding.^

Have you visited The Summer Good Food Show?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)



  1. Gorgeous flowers! That ice cream looks yum.

    love victoriajanex

  2. This looks fun! Love the look of that tea selection x


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