Tuesday 24 February 2015

INTRODUCING: Bath Time Fun with Kids Stuff Crazy

Kids Stuff Crazy know how to make bath time fun for both adults and children! They have a range of products that are fun, child friendly and offer a sensory experience for your little one. We all know that if you make bath times fun, they are not only easier for you but an all round happy experience for everyone involved! I remember bath time from my childhood being full of foam alphabet letters, plastic boats, bubble beards and colour changing bubble bath - my brothers and I loved it. Bath time fun has come a long way since I was young, with so many different ways of making bath water more interesting than just bubbly.  
This Kids Stuff Crazy Bathtime Foam and Wash Set* (£5) contains Crazy Soap, which is a pliable foam soap that can be shaped and bounced. It's PH balanced formula gently cleanses and moisturises delicate skin. As well as being SLES and Paraben free - peace of mind for parents. Crazy Soap has a fabulous fruity scent and is available in Original White (in this set) and Glorious Green. You also get a rather cute monkey wash sponge, to add to the fun!
This Kids Stuff Crazy Bathtime Colouring Book* (£5) includes 4 colouring crayons that can be used in the bath, who would have thought?! It is clearly one for slightly older children, as it requires the ability to hold a crayon. In fact they recommend that this product isn't suitable for children under 36 months. Your children can colour in all of their favourite crazy characters in the book, wash it off after use and use the crayons and book again and again. You can even use the crayons to colour yourself!
These three Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Bubble Baths all offer something different - the 'Shake & Splash' Green Bubble Bath* (£5.23) allows you to discuss which colours make green (the yellow and blue in the container) and then turns your bath water green too. The Colour Changing Bubble Bath* (£3.68) changes colour before your very eyes - from orange to blue - very magical! Finally, the 'Shake & Sparkle' Bubble Bath* (£5.25) adds sparkles to the bath water, really enhancing the sensory experience of bath time for children. The animal on the top of each bottle also doubles up as a finger puppet!

How do you like to make bath time fun for your little ones?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x


  1. Wow! these look so much fun! My little one is a bit too small for these but when hes older i want him to have so much fun with bath crayons etc! We love bath time now, so with moreadded fun im sure he will have a blast!
    Suz xo

  2. Ahh they look great! I am always looking out for new fun bath products for my girls, they love it! x


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