Monday 23 February 2015

PREGNANCY: Week 33 Update

I took this last week off work, which felt strange as I'm going on maternity leave in 3 weeks so part of me wanted to crack on with the big list of things I plan to do when I start maternity leave. However I restrained, which I'm glad of as I could have up to 5 weeks off before the little one arrives and I don't want to be just sitting around not making the most of the time.

I had a lovely week - mixing being very productive with resting and socialising too. I met up with a friend for tea and cake on Tuesday, I'm trying to meet up with as many people as possible before she arrives because it will be hard to for a while after. I also visited my auntie, cousin and cousins baby this week, which was well overdue! My cousin gave birth last September, so there'll only be 8 months between our babies. I've barely seen them during my pregnancy and it was really nice catching up, picking up any hints and tips and having baby cuddles (though it's harder now my bump is bigger). I also painted our bathroom (one step closer to having a bathroom at home), tidied the house, did lots of work and wrote/photographed many blog posts. All in all a productive week :)

Pregnancy wise it had been a good week - barely any back ache, acid reflux has been a lot better and seeing our baby move inside me has been as magical as ever. The main issue had been swollen ankles and feet by the end of the day, but being at home more has meant I was been able to put my feet up for longer periods of time.

But as the week progressed I started getting really uncomfortable, especially with period like pains. Now I knew that they can be a sign of labour, so I rang my midwife and she recommended ringing the hospital. They said that it didn't sound like I was in labour and that I should ring them back if the pain continued. I had the period like pains across my tummy and bad lower backache for 2 days, which was worse at night (to the point of tears - but my pain threshold is awfully low!). It then magically disappeared at the end of week 33, so I'm not sure what it was and why I had it but I'm glad it's gone!

I bought a lot of things ready to pack into my hospital bag this week, though it's still not packed! I've been struggling to find a thin dressing gown that isn't white - does anybody know of anywhere that sells them for a reasonable price? We also need to buy some newborn sized vests and baby grows, other than that I'm getting there. I can't wait to have the hospital bag all packed and sitting next to the front door, one less thing to worry about getting done in time.

I've started wearing a nursing bra every now and again, just so I can get used to them and practice undoing/doing them up again. I've found it to be quite an art, so I'm definitely in need of more practice before I have to do it when our baby arrives!

My dreams have become so vivid recently and because I wake up so many times during the night I have so many of them! They haven't been too related to having the baby yet, I'm sure they will come though.

Emotionally, I've felt a lot more 'on edge' and irritable, much to the enjoyment of Tom! I can feel that my hormones are in over drive. I know when I'm being unreasonable or irrational but I can't stop myself, which has been frustrating!

Did you start feeling more emotional nearing the end of your pregnancy?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x


  1. I've heard Primark sells some good dressing gowns, maybe you should check there? great post, as always, love reading your pregnancy updates, though I can imagine how hard it must get sometimes xx


  2. I'm glad to hear that you had a relaxing week off.
    I really struggled with the lightweight dressing gown too! I eventually found a long black one in H&M, I think it cost £20 which was a little more than I wanted to pay but I gave up!
    M&S also had black ones in for £28 and I think Mothercare had some but again they were expensive.
    The only ones in my local Primark were short, more like light cardigans than dressing gowns.

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  3. Bit of a weird question but how did you decide what size nursing bras to get? I read somewhere that you should get measured about a month before your due date and then add on a cup size and extra width measurement to compensate for the milk when it comes in....

    1. Ooh I've not heard that before, though it would make sense! I just bought a cup size up, as a lot of them come with extenders for if they are too small on the 'around' size.

      Helen x

    2. Ooh, good to know, thanks! :)


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