Wednesday 29 April 2015

BABY: Milton Combi Microwave and Cold Water Steriliser

Being a parent is an all consuming role to play in someones life and with that role comes the most precious moments, but also little free time. When I became a Mummy I hadn't anticipated quite how much time our daughter would take up. I'm certainly not complaining, I love every minute I spend with her but it makes doing what were simple tasks into day long jobs. For instance, the day I'm writing this post I spent 7 hours making a meat and a vegetarian lasagne - 7 hours. So when it comes to sorting things out for Isabella I'm looking for equipment that can help me do the job quickly, because lets be honest most jobs parents do really needed to be done five minutes ago. 

As Isabella approached 3 weeks I decided to start expressing milk, ready to freeze for when we introduce a bottle at around 6 weeks. I wanted to create a bank of breast milk in the freezer, so that we were prepared and ready to go when the time comes. Before I was able to express any milk I needed to make sure everything was sterilised. To be honest I was a bit nervous about approaching the topic of sterilising, for some reason I'd built it up in my head to be a complicated process. After a couple of days of putting it off I finally faced my sterilising fear (ridiculous I know).
The Milton Combi Microwave and Cold Water Steriliser* (£24.99) was so easy to use, after a quick read of the instructions I was ready to use it within 2 minutes. It wasn't complicated or a long process to sterilise, it was everything we needed - quick, easy and efficient. You have two options - microwave steriliser or simply using cold water and a Milton sterilising tablet. So far I've opted for the microwave method because you can sterilise in only 2 minutes, where as the cold water method takes 15 minutes (still very quick!)
I've been impressed with the capacity of this steriliser, I could easily fit a couple of breast milk storage containers and all of the parts to my electric breast pump in. To sterilise using the microwave you just add 200ml of water (I use one of the breast milk storage containers to measure the water), screw the lid on, pop in the microwave for 2 minutes and that's it. My electric breast pump says that all of the parts need to be completely dry before being used, so after I've microwave sterilised the parts I take the lid off, pour out the water and let the excess steam evaporate off. The parts were all dry in less than 10 minutes, all in all making preparing to express milk very quick. 
If you're in need of a steriliser that will do the job quickly then the Milton Combi Microwave and Cold Water Steriliser is the one for you!

What other time saving tips do you have for parents?

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Helen x

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