Thursday 2 April 2015

EVENT: My Baby Shower ❤️

One of my very best friends offered to kindly organise a baby shower, in readiness for my imminent arrival, which was seriously exciting. The date of the baby shower ended up coinciding with the start of my maternity leave, so it was just perfect! I was so touched that family and friends made the effort and took the time to not only come to the baby shower, but also make/buy the most gorgeous presents. I am very lucky!
All I knew on the run up was the date, I didn't know the time, location or really who was coming, making it all very mysterious and exciting! Tom's family took me to the cutest little cafe in a village not too far away from where we live. Think homemade cakes, roaring fire, pots of tea, beautiful gardens and the tastiest menu - Heaven. When we arrived my best friend and family had decorated a table with balloons and baby bunting, the thought and effort made me a bit emotional. There were some 'interesting' looking plates of mush, which I later discovered were different baby foods! 
Once we had said our 'hellos' and settled down (I obviously needed the chair with the most room! Haha) the tastiest afternoon tea started appearing. There were finger sandwiches with a wide variety of fillings, especially for vegetarians like myself (cucumber, hummus and grated carrot and egg mayonnaise - yum). Though I usually love crusts, there's something special about crustless finger sandwiches. Then luxurious looking cakes arrived - lemon posset, salted caramel chocolate brownies and carrot cake. Next scones arrived, with fresh strawberries, clotted cream and strawberry jam. Finally, large pots of tea and china cups finished the afternoon tea off. I think we were all in food Heaven! I'm no 'afternoon tea expert' but it was honestly one of, if not, THE best afternoon tea I've ever had - everything I love and not too much of it. 
I was incredibly lucky with all of the lovely presents I received - so many cute items that made me go 'Awww'. 
We did a couple of baby shower games, which bought many tears of laughter! One game was estimating the size of my bump, by cutting off a piece of string to the right length. I don't know what everyone else see's of me but the lengths were longgg. Luckily, far too long except one which was almost exactly the right length. Tip for this game - go shorter than you'd think! We also did tasting a variety of baby foods, I saw we but I was the only one 'brave' enough to have a go. to be honest the various fruit ones were just like a normal fruit puree - quite tasty! The cheesy tomato pasta was a step too far though - yuk!!

Did you have a baby shower?
What did you do for your baby shower?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x


  1. Well done for trying the baby food :) All the detail your friends and family put in to your baby shower is lovely - I particularly like the cake, is it made of nappies or muslin cloths?

  2. I love baby showers and yours looks fab! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
    My sister organised mine for me, this is the post about mine

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life Wales


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