Saturday 1 August 2015

BABY STYLE: A week of outfits #4

This week we've been preparing for both of our families to come over for a get together at our house. I love hosting, but now having a baby I've learnt that preparation is key! We've had a couple of days that we mainly spent at home making, preparing and cooking things ready for the weekend. I love the fact I can still dress Isabella in babygrows during the day, as there will come a time when they will solely be used as nightwear. I'm making the most of my baby being a baby and not a little human being who wears real little outfits everyday!

Day 1

Yellow and blue flower babygrow - Next - £16 for 3 pack

Day 2 
Floral T-Shirt Dress - Primark - £5 for 2 pack
Knitted cardigan - gift
Stripy grey vest - F&F Clothing - similar here
Grey tights - Marks and Spencers - part of a set
Grey star bib - Marks and Spencers Outlet - part of set 

Day 3
Floral babygrow - JoJo Maman Bebe - £15 (It was in the recent sales - similar here

Day 4
Corduory Polka Dot Dress and Vest Set - Marks and Spencers - £15
Cream tights - Marks and Spencers - part of set
Rabbit bib - Next - £7 for 3 pack

Day 5
Pink spotty long sleeved top - TU at Sainsburys - gift
White vest - F&F Clothing - £2.75 for 3 pack
Beige leggings - Mothercare - similar here
Floral Bib - Marks and Spencers - £6 for 3 pack
 Pink socks - F&F Clothing -£3 for 3 pack

Day 6 
Grey romper dress - Mothercare - similar here
Blue polka dot tights - Aldi - £2 for 2 pack in Baby and Toddler Event
Blue dotty bib - Zippy - £3
Day 7 
Floral purple top - Mothercare - £4 for 2 pack in the sale
 Dotty vest - F&F Clothing - similar here
Geometric leggings - F&F Clothing - £5 for 2 pack
 Pink socks - F&F Clothing -£3 for 3 pack
Floral bib - F&F Clothing - £3 for 2 pack

Which has been your favourite outfit this week?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x
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  1. Gorgeous! Love the floral dribble bibs. Really need to get some prettier ones as my lil one constantly has spit up down her. Would need a whole pack just for one day. #bigfatlinky

    1. Isabella's bibs don't last long at all - I have to be quick with taking these photo's otherwise there's sick down her outfit and a soaking wet bib! haha

      Helen x

  2. She has the most gorgeous outfits!! I wish I had dressed Zach in sleepsuits for longer as now they are just for bed time or really lazy days at home! xx

  3. Such lovely outfits. I love the grey mother care romper dress. I loved dressing M in those when she was younger!! :-) #weekendministyle x

  4. Gorgeous outfits, my little girl has the red spotty dress from Marks & Spencer.

  5. Aw she's so sweet and such beautiful outfits. I especially liked #1 and #4. Lily is nearly 6 months and I still dress her in sleepsuits a lot of the time (despite having so many actual outfits) as it's just so babyfied. I love her being a baby so much.

    X X

    1. I'm exactly the same - there are plenty of years for 'proper' outfits so I'm enjoying the babygrow phase :)

      Helen x

  6. I love outfit number 2! Very cute. I have so many clothes that I know Maddie is never going to wear just because its so much easier to put a "sleep suit" on her. Though I can't wait until she gets older and I can be a bit more adventurous with her clothing.

  7. You're so right. Definitely make the most of being able to have babygrows as daywear instead of just nightwear! It goes by too quickly and there are far too many gorgeous babygrows out there waiting to be worn haha! Another week of absolutely lovely outfits. We've got the little floral t-shirt dress from Primark as well...albeit in a much bigger size! I think my fave this week is day 4. That dress is so pretty. Hope your hosting goes well. Sounds like you are very prepared! Thanks so much for linking up and hope you're having a great weekend :) xx #weekendministyle

  8. I love the red dress, so cute and versatile too!


  9. Thanks for linking up. I love all of these outfits, particularly the yellow & blue babygrow.
    We often have 'comfy' days where Aria stays in her babygrow all day, as cute as the little outfits are it is nice to see them in babygrows too!


  10. I love these outfits! Not too fussy for a baby either, beautiful!

    Paula ♥ | xo

  11. I miss dressing a baby girl after reading this post! Such cute little outfits, well chosen!

  12. Dressing a baby is so much fun! Girls clothes are a bit alien to me though. Thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky


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