Wednesday 30 September 2015

FAVOURITES: September 2015

Autumn has well and truly arrived - the days are cooler, evenings are darker and the urge to have all things cosy is real. I love everything about autumn and this is the first autumn I'm a parent, so it's extra special.
September has been a very busy month, as we started two new baby classes - baby sensory and baby massage. That's our activity for two days a week, then we meet up with our NCT mummy friends at least once a week and my family once a week. This has meant that the weeks just fly by, with barely a moment to spare. Though October is due to be even busier, so we're bracing ourselves!

On to September's favourites...

1) Cinnamon popcorn- This flavour of popcorn is autumn in a bag, with the combination of sweet apple and spicy cinnamon. A bag is only just over 100 calories too, so it's perfection all round.  These are some of the cinnamon popcorns I've tried and my absolute favourite is the one by Portlebay Popcorn...
2) Weaning - I've spent months preparing and worrying about weaning Isabella, but now that we've started I love it! It's so much fun preparing her little 'meals', seeing her want to feed herself and just generally spending that quality time together. I can't believe how much I've been enjoying it, there really was nothing to worry about. 
3) Whitechapel - I've been well and truly hooked to this itv programme. I'm not sure when it was originally shown, but I've been watching it from the Box Sets section of Sky. My husband was actually watching it first and I caught a glimpse, writing it off for being too scary for me. But early into September I had run out of things to catch up on, so I gave Whitechapel a watch. It's just on the edge of how much 'scariness' I can handle, sometimes I did have to shut my eyes or jump out of my skin. But if you like programmes that solve a crime, you'll love this. I started at Season 1 Episode 1 and watched every single episode in less than two weeks. I'm now watching it again, because I'm that annoying person who loves watching the same thing again and again. In fact it's on as I'm writing this now!
4) A Slice Of My Wales Life Blog - This blog is written by the lovely Leanne, who has a beautiful daughter called Aria. Aria is just a bit older than Isabella, so I've been really relating to Leanne's posts this month. The teething and weaning ones especially, as we're currently going through them both too. A Slice Of My Wales blog is really worth a read if you like product reviews, baby style, inspiration and slimming world ideas. 

5) Mass 2-ingredient pancake making on a Sunday morning - My favourite treaty breakfast this month has been 2-ingredient pancakes (1 banana and 2 eggs). They're so tasty and perfect with blueberries and Sweet Freedom Dark syrup - you have to try them and about 8 pancakes is only around 250 calories!
6) Real Techniques Cheek Brush -Recently my foundation refused to blend nicely into my skin, it would just kind of sit on top looking horrible. I tried different foundations with no affect, so I changed my make up brush to the Real Techniques Cheek Brush. I don't think this is a designated foundation brush but it works beautifully as one. I had this as part of a set my husband gave me at Christmas and had never gotten around to trying it. I've found the length of the bristles and the size of it perfect for blending in my foundation and best of all it's now blending nicely into my skin!
7) Candles - Part of the reason why I love autumn/winter so much is because the evenings get darker meaning you can have candles lit. Scented candles are my favourite and I'm making the most of having candles lit while Isabella can't crawl or walk. As soon as that happens there will be no candles until after her bedtime!

8) Bad Robots - Another tv programme, but one that's very different to Whitechapel. In one word Bad Robots is HILARIOUS. It's a hidden camera prank show that literally has us crying with laughter every week. Season 2 has just finished, but you can catch up on All 4. 
9) Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil Hair Primer -I picked this up in Bicester Village for only £5.25 and had been eager to try it for a while. Since being pregnant my hair has been a constant battle and now the hair loss is ridiculous! I've been really enjoying using this Invisible Oil Hair Primer to not only protect my hair, but also reduce the frizz and fly aways once I've blow dried it.
10) Primark Tartan Scarf -Last autumn/winter there was a tartan scarf in Primark that everyone went crazy for, therefore selling out pretty quickly. So when I saw this one for only £5 I grabbed it and have liked wearing it on the cooler days, instead of putting a coat on.
What have your favourite things of this month been?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x
Let's Talk Mommy


  1. Great favourites! Thank you so much for including me, I really appreciate it, so nice of you!
    Your favourites list really shows that Autumn is here, cinnamon, candles, scarves and comforting pancakes are perfect Autumn ingredients.

  2. This is such a good list. I am ALL for banana pancakes. In fact, any pancakes. :)

    We've just finished watching a TV series (The Killing) so we'll have to check out Whitechapel.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. I love favourites posts and yours is no exception. Cinnamon popcorn sounds so yum! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  4. I love your favorites posts and so many great things to enjoy and share here. Cinnamon popcorn sounds absolutely delicious. I love anything cinnamon even my candles. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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