Tuesday 29 September 2015


September has gone so quickly, but has seen Isabella hit so many milestones. She can now sit up all by herself, has started weaning and got her first TWO teeth! Busy month for developing, so I'm hoping things will calm down slightly in October.
She's been really struggling with her teeth, which has been heartbreaking to see. She also bites down on everything and dribbles constantly. September has also been the month of a lot of 'firsts' for Isabella, many of which feature in her favourites this month. 

1) Swimming - We took Isabella swimming for the first time this month and she loved it. It was a bit of a logistical nightmare - we couldn't get the lockers to work (they were much more advanced than the 20p ones we had when I was younger), we bought far too many bags and trying to shower a baby and yourself is almost impossible! It will take some practise to get a swimming trip to run smoothly, but it was incredibly enjoyable nonetheless. It's such a perfect Sunday afternoon activity. 
2) Sweet potato - We've been weaning for about 1.5 weeks now and it's been going really well. Isabella is fiercely independent and is set on feeding herself. We've been giving her lots of different fruit and vegetable purees, so that she's exposed a lots of flavours early on. She's tried apple, banana, baby porridge, sweet potato, mango, broccoli, potato, nectarine, parsnip, courgette, cauliflower, spinach and so far her favourite has been sweet potato.
3) Baby sensory class - We joined our local Hartbeeps class (they have classes nationwide) and it's been so much fun. There are pregnancy classes, as well as three classes aimed at different ages. I booked Isabella onto the Baby Bells class, which is for newborn to sitting, back in August. I didn't expect her to be sitting independently, so really she should be in the next one up called Baby Beeps. The classes combine music, sensory, baby yoga, baby massage, lullabies and breathing exercises for the parents too. The first class was a bit of a sensory shock and Isabella wasn't sure, but she has loved every class since. Especially the disco light they have at the end of the class!
4) Cuddly Penguin - Isabella hasn't become really attached to any of her cuddly toys yet, but she has been loving this little penguin we picked up in H&M in New York. She likes to bite its nose and it's small enough for her to hold herself. It's so cute when she sits and hugs it - melts my heart!
5) Blowing bubbles - This is one of the cutest things Isabella does at the moment, she's forever blowing bubbles. It's especially cute when she copies when one of us blows bubbles to her - it amazes me how quickly babies learn. It's less cute when she blows bubbles when the spoon of puree is next to her mouth...I've been covered numerous times now.

What has your little one enjoyed this month?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x
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  1. We did Baby Bells too! My daughter used to cry throughout so I gave up, but when it was his turn, my son absolutely loved it! we still zoom to the moon occasionally now and he's 2. Developing never slows down, its crazy mad and passes you by in a heartbeep! #twinklytuesday

  2. Funny, people keep suggesting giving Matilda a toy to take to bed with her but she isn't attached to any of them yet, either - I wondered if it was just her!

  3. Oh this is so sweet. I miss this age. It was almost a year ago exactly that we started weaning and I can't believe how much my toddler differs from your baby. You don't realise how much they change and how quickly until you read about other peoples babies. She is so cute. It's so good that you're trying her on lots of different tastes. x #kidscorner

  4. Aw how lovely sounds like you have had a brilliant week. She is very cute we use to baby sensory classes, loving the sound of yours #kidscorner

  5. Aw lovely little update, sounds like she's getting on really well. Thanks for linking up to #kidscorner x

  6. I have never been able to take LJ to sensory classes as they don't allow toddlers so G couldn't come of course. Looks like great fun! Thanks for sharing in #KidsCorner x


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