Thursday 31 December 2015

BABY: Boxing Day Instore Sale Shopping #1

It's that time of year again - sale shopping time! I have tried to focus my sale shopping on festive pieces for Isabella next year, therefore picking most of them up 18-24 months. Looking at that size clothing is bizarre and hard to imagine what Isabella will be like when she's that big, but by shopping ahead it will save us money (while feeding my baby clothes shopping habit!) I picked up the following items in the first couple of sale shopping trips, which were more of a quick 'run into shop, grab what I like, pay, leave as quickly as possible'. No leisurely browsing happening here!

Penguin sequin jumper - H&M - £3
Black sequin jumpsuit - H&M - £5
Bow dress - H&M - £2
Ditsy floral joggers - Mothercare - £4
2 pack Christmas tights - Mothercare - £3
Polka dot shirt dress - Mothercare - £5
Gingerbread sweater - Mothercare - £4.50
White blouse - Next - £4.50
Red duffle coat - Next - £16
Bunny dress - Next - £6.50
Penguin jumper - Next - £6
My Daddy is a superhero t-shirt - Next - £3.50
I am four top - Next - £3

3 Pack grey tights - Next - £5
Green floral dress - Next - £2
Woodland party dress - Next - £6.50
Skeleton pyjamas - GAP - £2.99
Leggings - GAP - £2.99

Have you braved the sales instore?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x
Mr and Mrs T Plus Three


  1. Goodness, the "I Am Four" T-shirt is planning ahead!!! I'm coveting a lot of these; I haven't made it to the sales this year (not even online). Must put that right.

    1. Haha! I know (I haven't heard the last of it from my husband!) but I love that range so much and they've stopped selling them :( I'm on the hunt for the I am one t-shirt, as it is a bit more relevant ;) I've also been picking up super cheap bits and bobs ready for when Isabella goes to nursery - I've heard the clothes get ruined! x

  2. U bought Some really nice bits. I ordered some Xmas bits for my daughter for next year too (cunning!) :) x

  3. What gorgeous bargains! I can't plan more than one size ahead for Jenson because he's growing so bloody quickly. So far he's always been moving up two months 'early' but I keep thinking he'll catch up with himself at some point.

  4. I love the little Next bunny dress. I normally go to the Next sale on Boxing day, but I was feeling too pregnant this year! x


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