Monday 7 December 2015

BABY: My Top 5 Products for On-the-Go

I have never had to keep my diary as up-to-date as I do at the moment - every day is different while on maternity leave. Some days we stay in the house all day (getting the boring jobs done), other days we're meeting mummies and babies, going to baby classes or meeting family etc. Basically, we're always on-the-go and there are a few products that have become my 'go to' items when packing for a day out. 

1) Snappy Bin* (£7.99) - This clever little product was actually created to make nappy changing easier. It's a lightweight, foldable bin that is designed to hold a nappy sack open while you're changing your babies nappy, making disposing of a dirty nappy with one hand a lot easier. It's compact enough to easily fit into your changing bag and its multipurpose uses make it one of my top on-the-go products. It makes the perfect 'pop up' bin for picnics, mealtimes with a weaning baby (helps to control the level of mess when we're out), in the kitchen with vegetable peelings/egg shells etc. I've been using it during mealtimes mostly, the amount of wipes and tissues we get through is ridiculous and when we're eating out I don't want to leave the mass of dirty wipes strewn across the table. Therefore I've been setting up the Snappy Bin on the floor and just dropping any rubbish into it. It's so quick and easy to set up and put away, it has also reduced the amount of time we have to spend clearing up after Isabella. You can pick up the Snappy Bin in red, blue, purple or green.
2) Bepanthen Nappy Ointment* (£3.35 from Boots) - These are staples in my changing bag, due to their mild gentle formula and their versatility. The Nappy Ointment is fragrance free and helps to protect and care for the causes of nappy rash. As soon as Isabella looks in the slightest bit sore I pop some of this on and by the next nappy change everything is calm again. The new flip-top cap makes nappy changing even easier, as you can now open the tube with one hand! Also when Isabella has a snuffly nose I'll put a thin layer all around her nose, which keeps it moisturised and stops it getting painfully crusty.
3) Large Muslin Cloths - These are probably the most multifunctional baby item we own. They can be a picnic blanket, clean up sick, blanket to keep warm, provide shade from the sun, back drop for photos etc. We have them in every room of the house, as well as in the changing bag and car...certainly 'on-the-go' essentials for us! 

4) Disney Munchkin Winnie Click Lock Trainer Cup* (£4)- Now that Isabella has water with every meal I carry around a beaker of water everywhere we go. She's so good and knowing when she's thirsty now and can drink independently. The Winnie Click Lock is 100% leak proof, so ideal for carrying around in your changing one wants leaking water! The easy grip handles make it easy for my fiercely independent little lady to drink by herself, so she's happy too.
5) Nappy sacks (£1.60 from Boots) - Not particularly glamorous but so versatile, which seems to be the key to my most used 'on-the-go' products. We use nappy sacks in the above snappy bin, for nappies, putting dirty clothes in, taking home Isabella's wet swimming costume after swimming etc.  

What are your on-the-go essentials?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x
You Baby Me Mummy


  1. wow you keep very busy. I go to a mothers group once a week and thats it or I get people to visit me at home. It's a lot easier and I like being at home!
    I always take a cloth nappy with me, I use them much the same as you use muslin cloths and
    I like to have hand sanitizer as well. I often have to change a nappy somewhere that their is no sink to wash my hands!

  2. Change of clothes! Just in case we have an accident ;)

    1. Absolutely! We also have to take a stash of bibs with us, as Isabella is always dribbling!

      Helen x

  3. That bin sounds awesome! My must have is a spray nappy cream - it's so handy. #thelist


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