Thursday 3 December 2015

CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: For £10 and under

Prior to going to university I didn't realise how different each family interprets exactly what a 'stocking filler' is. When Father Christmas visited my family he never left a satsuma, bag of chocolate coins or any of those typical stocking fillers. We've always been lucky enough to have presents, such as new clothes, books, calendar, diary etc in our stockings. I find it so interesting hearing all about the slightly different twists each family put on certain Christmas traditions!

Anyway, on to my £10 and under Gift Guide 2015...

DottyFish Soft Leather Rudolph the Reindeer Baby Shoes (from £7.49) - DottyFish has a fantastic range of soft high quality, yet affordable leather shoes for babies and toddlers, including these festive Rudolph ones. Their shoes come in an array of designs, such as flowers, animals, cupcakes, stars, polka dots, nautical, dinosaurs and vehicles.  I really like that the ankles are slightly elasticated, which really helps to keep them on - even with Isabella crawling everywhere! The lovely people at DottyFish have kindly given a 10% discount code (HELEN1) for you to use all the way until the 28th November 2016! Check out their Facebook and Twitter for regular updates too.

 The Little Pancake Company Triple Chocolate Pancake Mix (£6.50) -Who doesn't love pancakes?! Especially when paired with triple chocolate or any of the other tasty mixes The Little Pancake Company have to offer (Rocky Road, Apple Crumble & Cinnamon, Zingy Ginger, Raspberry & White Chocolate...just to name a few!) All you have to do is add one egg and a splash of milk, so it's great for children to get involved in. Each pack says it makes approximately four American style pancakes, but I managed to make the huge pile below! The pancakes are light and fluffy, while the melted chocolate chunks add that something extra special. These pancake mixes would be perfect to receive in your stocking and then cook them up for a treaty Christmas day breakfast...delicious!

15 Large Chalks (£2 from Tiger) - Using chalk to write on a blackboard or paving stones is a childhood must...a throw back to pre-technology times. Drawing pictures, practising letters/numbers or creating games can all be done with chalk. You could even pair these with a mini homemade blackboard using blackboard paint and a piece of wood.

Make Your Own Summer Owl Mobile and Autumn Owl Mobile (£3.95 each from dotcomgiftshop) -Craft activities are a great way to keep children (or yourself) entertained on a rainy day. These owl mobiles are so cute and a fun way of adding a splash of colour into a nursery or bedroom.

Kids Stuff Crazy Bathtime Foam & Wash Gift Set (£4.96 from amazon) -Bath time can be fun with this foam soap and monkey sponge set. You can create endless activities with this foam soap, Isabella likes having it under her feet while in the door bouncer. You could also put some on the side of the bath and write in it, or create a soapy beard!

Finger puppets (£3 from Tiger) - I love the idea of making a mini 'theatre' using a shoe box and these finger puppets. You could either give the 'theatre' already made or have it as a rainy day activity post Christmas. Either way children can enjoy using their imagination to have adventures with their finger puppet animals. Tiger also have a wild animal set, including a koala bear, lion, tiger, elephant and monkey. The leftover cardboard hand could then be used to support learning to count, adding/taking away, as a stencil etc too.

Eggnogg Colour-In Dress Up Outfits in Kinghts Tabard or Mermaid (£4.99 each) -This is such a fun idea, as well as combining two of children's favourite activities. Eggnogg have a vast range of colour-in items, including tablecloths, placemats, books, bunting etc. This mermaid outfit and knights tabard outfit are a great activity for children to enjoy and personalise. Each pack has the outfit to colour-in and Velcro to attach in order to make the outfit wearable. All of this for the affordable price of £4.99 each!

Tiger Kids Dough Set (£3) -Malleable dough provides endless fun for children and this cute set of six tubs makes the perfect stocking filler. The lids even have images you can create by pressing them into the dough.

Blade & Rose Leggings (£10) - Blade & Rose have created such a fun, vibrant and unique collection of leggings for babies and children. Each pair has a cute picture on the bottom, along with a funky design going down each leg. They're thick, stretchy and incredibly comfy for those stylish little people. Most of their leggings are available in sizes from 0-6 months to 5-6 years. The 4-5 and 5-6 years don't have a picture on the bottom, but instead on the ankle of the leggings. Their original range includes leggings with: angel wings, bear, blue whale, Christmas pudding, cupcake, daisy, dinosaur, fire engine, H.R.H, hedgehog, ladybird, monster, mouse, owl, pirate, rabbit, reindeer, rocket, snowman, solider, strawberry and unicorn. Blade & Rose also do cute matching reversible bandana bibs (£6), making the most coordinated and stylish outfit. Their product range certainly brighten up dull winter mornings!
What's been the best stocking present you've ever received? 

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x

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  1. The pancake mix is my fav! such lovely ideas, i love anything frugal! Thanks for sharing (i've shared it too!) #PicknMix

  2. Ooh love the leggings and the little reindeer shoes :) #picknmix

  3. Oh those little reindeer shoes are just gorgeous! So cute, thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  4. A great list, I doovw Tiger stuff with having something abit different at a reasonable price. Thanks for sharing X #TheList


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