Friday 4 December 2015

CRAFT: Handmade Footprint Christmas Cards

A big part of spreading the joy of Christmas is giving cards wishing your friends and family a merry Christmas. I love this tradition, though coordinating buying, writing, finding addresses and posting them has meant it hasn't happened every year. When we were younger my family would all wrap up warm and walk around the village posting all of our Christmas cards. It was an event I looked forward to every year and hope to start this tradition again this year in the village we live in now.

We thought it would be a nice touch to use Isabella footprint as the basis for our Christmas cards this year, after all...who doesn't love babies cute little feet?! To get Isabella's footprint we sat her in the Bumbo, this has a lot of advantages - she can't easily reach her feet, she can't move very far and if we put the tray on she really couldn't get to her feet. Therefore minimising the mess created and the time the activity can be completed in, because lets face it babies don't want to sit still for any length of time! Altogether we made about 40 cards, which we did in 4 'footprint making' sittings.

Footprint Christmas card inspiration:

Christmas tree - green footprint, black painted on string around the tree and using fingerprints to add the fairy lights. Using metallic gold and bronze sharpies I then drew on the star and bucket for the tree to stand in. This one is a little bit more time consuming, because you have to wait for the different layers of paint to dry.
Rudolph - brown footprint, red painted on nose, painted eyes (or could you sticky googly eyes) and drawn on antlers with the metallic bronze Sharpie pen.

Penguin - black footprint, painted on white tummy, eyes, orange beak and black flippers. Snowflakes drawn on with metallic silver Sharpie pen.

Father Christmas Hat - red footprint, painted on white bobble and fur trim and outline drawn with metallic silver Sharpie pen. Ho Ho Ho written on with metallic bronze Sharpie pen.

Snowman - white footprint (would look better on coloured card), outline drawn on with metallic silver Sharpie pen, painted on black hat, eyes, mouth, buttons, orange carrot nose and red scarf. Snow drawn on with metallic silver Sharpie pen.

Robin - brown footprint on an angle, red painted tummy, orange painted beak and feet, black painted eye and Merry Christmas written with the metallic bronze Sharpie pen.
Which is your favourite design?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x
Mummy and Monkeys


  1. Oh, the Bumbo idea is genius - I'm doing THAT when we make our cards, too (we're planning to make Christmas trees very similar to yours).

  2. Aw these are brilliant, such cute and such a nice personal touch.

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix Stevie x


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