Saturday 7 May 2016

BABY STYLE: A week of outfits #41

Well hasn't the warmer, sunny weather been lovely this week? On my two days off Isabella and I have spent hours playing in the garden, collecting stones, going on the swing, practising her walking and having our first ever picnics together. These are the kind of days I dreamt of when I was pregnant and I couldn't be more filled with love for these days. Spending time showing Isabella the big wide world, that she has so much to learn about, is truly an honour. However, we do now need to work out how to teach her to explore safely. Any tips? Roll on the summery outfits...

Day 1
Day 2

Day 3
Shorts - TU at Sainsburys - £7 for 3 pack
Socks - Marks and Spencers - £5 for 4 pack

How's your week been?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x
This Mama Life


  1. All three outfits are just gorgeous, but I have to say I love the doll shirt from Zara the most - beautiful!! xx

  2. Lovely outfits, perfect for the warmer weather. I dont have any tips as such for safe exploring apart from watching her and telling her no/dirty when she picks something up to put in her mouth. She will soon learn. Thank you for linking up #WeekendtotStyle

  3. It's great that we finally have some warm weather to break out the summery clothes! My favourite is the stripey dress from Next, it's so lovely. Some great outfits as per usual #WeekendTotStyle

  4. I agree! I am loving this weather! I wish I had more time during the week with Little I but we make the most of our weekends. How cute are these little outfits!! I think the beautiful little top in the first outfit is my fave. It's just gorgeous. Thanks for linking up with us and hope you had a great weekend :) #weekendtotstyle

  5. Very pretty outfits, I think my favourite is the bottom top from asda. Hopefully this nice weather will continue x #weekendtotstyle


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