Saturday 18 June 2016

BABY STYLE: A week of outfits #46

Another week has flown by and yet it still doesn't seem like summer! When will the sunshine make an appearance and stay?! Trying to keep Isabella entertained inside has its limits, so I can't wait to be able to get back outside more. Isabella's comprehension and vocabulary has improved so much recently, she can now say 'duck', 'hello', 'muma', 'dada', 'kisses' and 'gone'. It's so strange hearing her say actually words, she just seems too small to be able to understand! We've been preparing for Father's Day all week, with various card making activities, cooking and wrapping presents. It's harder now because I organise my husbands Father's Day as Isabella is clearly too young, as well as my own Dad's. Splitting our time fairly is a big cause of guilt for me, but guilt just seems to be a 'thing' once you're a parent...oh joy.

Day 1

Floral sweatshirt - Zara - £8.99
Green safari print leggings - F&F Clothing (hand stamped) - £1.50
Blue bird bib - Zippy - £3

Day 2
Jumpsuit - H&M - £4

Day 3
Red polka dot legging - Mothercare - similar here
Cream lace panel top - TU at Sainsburys - £3 in the sale
Red stripy bib - Marks and Spencers - £6 for 3 pack
Blue heart socks - Primark - £3 for 3 pack

How's your week been?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x


  1. Such lovely outfits, hope you are all having a lovely Fathers Day. I am loving the Jungle Book quote bodysuit! Thank you for sharing #WeekendTotStyle

  2. All so cute, I think outfit 2 is my fave though - love that strawberry bib :)

  3. Aw she just has the best wardrobe! The flora jumper is lovely and the little spotty romper is adorable. Love the colour. It's so much fun when they start coming out with lots of words - Little I is trying to put sentences together at the moment and it melts my heart! Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you had a great weekend x #weekendtotstyle


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