Wednesday 1 June 2016

FAMILY: Summer Bucket List 2016

As I'm writing this post the sun is shining outside, birds are tweeting and our next door neighbour is cutting the grass. Such a summery day! So I've been making a list of everything I'm looking forward to doing this summer. Now that Isabella's walking it opens up so many new and exciting family day out opportunities. I'm not actually a huge fan of hot weather, but warm sunny days are the best. Plus now I have the perfect excuse to stay in the shade too!

 My Summer Bucket List 2016... 

  • Read book after book to Isabella while sitting outside  
  • Participate in a (gentle) family water fight  
  • Visit a farm 
  •  Feed the ducks   
  • Go to a family friendly day festival  
  • Go on holiday 
  • Make a den in the garden 
  • Create a play station in the garden for Isabella 
  • Make fruity yogurt ice lollies together 
  • Visit the beach 
  • Splash in the sea 
  • Walk around pretty gardens when the sun is shining 
  • Build a sandcastle 
  • Decorate the spare bedroom and turn it into Isabella's 'grown up' room
  • Make many visits to different parks
  • Take lots of photos of us as a family of three 
  • Have afternoon tea together 
  • Make a picnic 
  • Blow bubbles 
  • Go for a countryside walk and picnic 
  • Visit a National Trust house
  • Worry less, laugh more 
  • Walk hand in hand, as a family of three 
  • Host an extended family BBQ 
  • Bake delicious summery treats with Isabella
  • Take a ridiculous number of photos of anything and everything
  • Decorate our living room #pinterestaddict

What do you want to do this summer?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x

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  1. I love a good list! It's the first day of winter here this made me a little sad! :(


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