Tuesday 26 July 2016

RECIPE: Spaghetti and Greens Pancake

This recipe sounds really quite odd, but it's the perfect way of using up left over spaghetti and is surprisingly filling. I love sharing this with Isabella by cutting it into wedges and serving it with a salad. It's nice cold on a picnic or warm on colder days and of course the vegetables you add are completely up to you.

What you'll need:
30g Spaghetti pasta, cooked
3 tbsp Curly Kale, sliced and cooked
4 Fresh basil leaves, chopped
2 tbsp Frozen peas 
20g Mild Cheddar Cheese, grated
1 tsp Dried Rosemary
2 Eggs, beaten
60ml Full fat milk

What to do:
1) In a bowl mix together the eggs, milk, frozen peas, cooked spaghetti, fresh basil, curly kale, rosemary and 1/2 cheese.
2) Heat a small frying pan with a splash of oil in. Pour in the spaghetti/egg mixture and cook on a medium heat for 5-8 minutes or until the base is golden brown. While the spaghetti pancake is cooking on the hob heat the grill to a medium heat. You don't want it too hot because otherwise the top will burn before the egg in the middle has cooked.
3) Place the pancake under the grill for 5-8 minutes or until cooked through. Make sure you don't put any plastic handles under the grill. 
4) Cool slightly and cut into wedges for your little one to enjoy!
What's your favourite 'left over' meal?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x

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