Sunday 19 February 2017

PREGNANCY #2: 24 Week Update

As we prepare to go on our first family holiday abroad this week has been pretty busy. There's been times where I've quite literally been running between jobs, but the to-do list is looking a lot lighter now. The downfall of being so busy and not taking the time to look after myself is that I feel on the edge becoming ill. Just a slight headache and sore throat, so fingers crossed it doesn't develop into anything.

At the start of this week I had a slight scare, as I hadn't felt her kick for a while. It could have been because I was so busy I didn't concentrate on it for long enough, but after a day or so I voiced my concerns to my husband, who suggested we went to the hospital. It reminded me that at 24 weeks pregnant with Isabella I ended up going to hospital because I hadn't felt her move and after trying all the tricks she still wasn't wiggling around. Luckily everything was fine and after some monitoring I was sent home. It's so strange that the same thing has happened in this pregnancy too. Bump has spent the second half of the week happily kicking away, to the point I can really see them. I keep trying to catch them on video, but just give up as she kicks again. Typical!

My ankles have continued to swell up throughout the day and are now not fully settling down either. Thank goodness it's winter and I can keep them hidden under tights and boots. Not that I find them particularly offensive, but my bump doesn't seem big enough to justify that level of water retention.

Talking of the bump it certainly seems to have shrunk again this week, it's so much more inconsistent compared to my pregnancy with Isabella. I have no idea why, but just as I start to really look pregnant I go back to looking like I have a food baby. I know in these bump photos and the ones I share on Instagram my bump does look big, but from the front and when I'm not wearing a tight top it really doesn't. I also judge it based on how well I can see my feet, which are there again this week.

I'm so happy to have made it to 24 weeks, as the pregnancy is now classed as 'viable'. It's such a big milestone to reach and I can't believe that one of the next big milestones is this pregnancy being classed as full term at 37 weeks! Eek, so exciting!

Do you have any tips for reducing ankle swelling?

Feel free to leave me a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x


  1. To help reduse your ankle swelling all I can say is put your feet up and rest those legs. Also drinking milk might help, or so I have heard #TwinklyTuesday

  2. I love these updates...make me so broody again! I hope your ankles calm down - wish I had some tips! Lovely bump xx #twinklytuesday x

  3. Oh I hope your ankles calm down. I miss writing my pregnancy updates!! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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