Wednesday 14 June 2017

TODDLER ACTIVITY: Personalised Canvas Painting

TODDLER ACTIVITY: Personalised Canvas Painting
This craft activity would be ideal as a special gift for any family member or friend and luckily it is simple, effective and takes minutes to make. There's also minimal mess made in the process. What's not to like? By using stickers you can create an image or word/phrase that will stand out once your child has done some painting. I've used a similar method before to create a daffodil out of masking tape, which worked really well.

Either choose a favourite word/phrase, such as 'We love you'/the names of everyone in your family, or an image, such as something they love/car/tool kit/heart etc. If you're going to do a word then it is a lot easier to use alphabet stickers rather than making each letter from masking tape. I used these alphabet stickers from Meri Meri, just because that's what we had in the house. Just use whatever you can pick up - the cheaper the better.
Instead of making this piece of 'art' on paper we used a canvas to make it feel a bit more special. I picked up this one from Poundland for...a pound! No need to spend lots of money on a homemade gift for Father's Day.

What you'll need:
Alphabet stickers
Paints - I prefer acrylic

What to do:
1) Decide what word/phrase/image you are going to do and fix the stickers/masking tape to the canvas. Make sure you press down very firmly, so that it is well stuck to the canvas. Due to the nature of a canvas the stickers won't create sharp lines after being painted like they would on paper, so if you want that look then you could use this same technique on paper and then frame it.
2) Once you're happy with the placing of your wording your child can start painting all over the canvas, especially focusing on painting over the stickers. If they don't cover the letters with paint completely it will make the outline less clear once you remove the stickers.
3) Leave the painting to dry completely. It's really important you don't try to peel the stickers off too early, as it will smudge the paint.
4) Once dry take the stickers off to reveal your wording in white. That's it!
What word/s would your child want on a canvas?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x


  1. This is a fab idea! I'm absolutely going to do it and not just for Father's Day. I love a pound shop mooch, so this will give me some purpose! 😂

    Kat x

  2. Wow these look amazing. I'd love to receive a personalised gift like this!

  3. Such a sweet idea and definitely one I'll try next year when Zach is a little older :)

  4. Aww i love this, such a cute idea!

  5. This is such a lovely, creative idea. I'll have to remember this for gifts at Christmas x

  6. That is such a cute idea - may have to do this with mine

  7. What a lovely idea and such a special thing to have on your walls!


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