Thursday, 1 June 2017

TODDLER: SMA® PRO Toddler Milk #AD

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Nutrition is something that has interested me for a long time now; I did Food Technology up tot A-Level and considered taking a degree in it. I find it so interesting learning about nutrients and their benefits within our bodies especially when it comes to bringing up a toddler. It's no secret here on my blog that I love cooking, ensuring Isabella has a varied diet and baking with her. So when SMA® Nutrition got in touch to tell me about their SMA® PRO Toddler Milk, aimed at 1-3 year olds, I was interested to find out more.

SMA® Nutrition are constantly carrying out protein research and have done for the past 50 years, so their findings are very well informed.  SMA® PRO Toddler Milk is inspired by the specific needs of toddlers and is their most advanced toddler milk yet. It is a fortified milk drink for toddler's as well as being available in either powder or liquid form.

It contains vitamin A and C and two 200ml servings provide at least 100% of a toddler's recommended daily vitamin D requirement for normal growth and development of bones. If your toddler is anything like mine then exploring everything, running around and generally having far too much energy (especially at 5.30am) is a daily occurance. All of that moving about means having healthy bones is key, so it is reassuring to know that  SMA® PRO Toddler Milk contains vitamins and minerals that help to support their development. Vitamin D assists with absorption of calcium and can also be obtained through exposure to sunshine. However, we all know what the weather is like in the United Kingdom and actually getting outside in the sunshine isn't always possible. As a family, we love exploring the outdoors, but are often forced to have 'rainy days in' thanks to the miserable British weather. Roll on the summer months!

SMA® PRO Toddler Milk also contains Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids. As well as Iodine, and Iron which helps to support normal cognitive development - helping to build a nutritional foundation for life. It is one less thing to think about and you know your child is getting important vitamins and nutrients it needs through their milk.

Isabella really enjoyed the taste and was keen to have more once she'd drank the first carton Passing the toddler taste test in our house!

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Helen x

SMA® Nutrition has just launched a Facebook page, called 'SMA® Baby Club UK & Ireland'. There are regular posts to help parents - both mums and dads - navigate their first 1,000 days of parenthood, from conception until their baby turns 2.


® PRO Toddler Milk is suitable for young children from 1-3 years, as part of a healthy balanced diet and it is not a breast milk substitute. Breastfeeding should continue for as long as possible. ZTC1859a/05/17 SMA® Nutrition UK



  1. I'm a big fan of toddler milk as Sophie loves it! I must admit we haven't tried SMA, we usually use Aptamil or Cow & Gate, but this sounds fab xx

  2. I used toddler milk for all three of my children. It's a great way to ensure they get all the nutrients they need especially if they are fussy eaters.

  3. I never considered toddler milk. I was breastfeeding, then cow's milk, but then my two were luckily really good eaters. I like the idea of extra vitamins and nutrients packed in.

  4. I used this milk with my little ones, I love knowing that it helps them get nutrients they may miss from their diet, especially on days when they are fussy with foods x

  5. We used follow on milk with all of ours, it's a great transition to dairy.

  6. Such cute pictures. I never had the need for follow on milk as mine were breastfed but it is great if you are moving on from it

  7. Lovely photos. I remember buying these toddler milk for my kids.

  8. Aww lovely pictures. I remember when my 4 were little SMA was the only milk we used:)

  9. Zach has just given up breastfeeding but still has 1 bottle of formula at bedtime which I might change to toddler milk but haven't decided yet

  10. Beautiful photos, they had only just started introducing carton milk when my youngest was a baby, such a great idea.

  11. Lovely captures, we have also used this. It's nice to know that they are getting all of the nutrients that they need :) x

  12. That's a nice idea to have to progress onto. Lovely photos too

  13. I love it when companies don't only make incredible products for our kids but offers great advise too

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