Monday 11 December 2017

CHRISTMAS: The One-Stop Shop for Everything You Need

Christmas is coming! It really isn't long now, as the days quickly pass us by and the festive to-do list seems to be never ending it can all start to feel overwhelming. The presents need wrapping, house needs decorating, food shopping needs doing, Christmas cards need delivering, mince pies need eating and mulled wine needs drinking. I love this time of year for all of these things, but when it comes to actually doing them all, time seems to be a luxury our busy family of four simply doesn't have. Morrisons understand this and have become the one-stop shop for all of our festive needs.

Long gone have the days supermarkets only sold food, nowadays Morrisons is the place to shop for home accessories, Christmas decorations, gifts, cards, entertainment and, of course, all of the essential tasty treats! There are festive decorations available to suit the whole family, with everything from very classic designs to sparkly and fun. If you're hosting Christmas dinner this year or having a festive get-together then Morrisons is the place to pick up everything you'll need, including:

Paper Plates
Festive Flowers
Photo Booth Props
Wrapping Paper
Christmas Tree Decorations
String Lights
Scented Candles
Tealight Holders 
Gifts for the Whole Family
Christmas Cards
Gift Bags
All the Food for Christmas Dinner
Roasting Tins
Batteries (always needed in preparation for Christmas Day!)
Party Food
Cake Decorations 
Cookie Cutters
Mince Pies
Christmas Cakes (and not just the fruit variety)
Christmas Tree Crumpets
Decorate Your Own Gingerbread Penguins
Mulled Wine
Cracker Selections
Tubs of Chocolates
Selection Boxes

...and so much more!

I have done my online food shopping with Morrisons almost every week since Poppy was born (when the idea of going in-store with two children brought me out in a cold sweat) and I've not once been disappointed with their customer service, food quality or range of products available. Each week we have a different delivery driver and they are always so friendly, punctual and happy to help take the food shopping into the kitchen. It makes life with young children so much easier and the fact that we rarely get substituted or missing items is an added bonus.
When it comes to preparing for Christmas this December Morrisons really is the one-stop shop to go to for all your festive needs!

What is your favourite part of preparing for Christmas?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x

*I received this hamper full of goodies from Morrisons, but as always all opinions are 100%  honest and my own. 


  1. I actually grabbed the morrisons food catagloue for Christmas at the checkout at the weekend and was surprised by just how good the quality of food was!

  2. I love Morrisons, my mum worked there for years so we always done our weekly shop there. I can't wait until they start doing home deliveries in my area soon X

  3. I've never actually set foot in a Morrisons before but the food looks great. Maybe I should give it a try.

    Katie xoxo

  4. I love Morrisons, it's cheaper than some other supermarkets but you dont lose out on the quality :)

  5. We go to Morrisons most weeks & I think they have a wonderful selection of Xmas bits! Online shopping is def the way to go with little ones! x

  6. I love wrapping Christmas presents, it's the build up to Xmas and I love the excitement of waiting to give everyone their gifts

  7. OMG this is such a useful list! I always have romantic notions of enjoying writing cards with mulled wine, but in the end I'm always really stressed. I'll use this to make sure I don't forget anything this year

  8. I used to live near Morrisons and it was a godsend as it has such a huge range of products. I'm definitely down for the following:Decorate Your Own Gingerbread Penguins,Mulled Wine,Cracker Selections and Tubs of Chocolates! Yes please!

  9. I love shopping at Morrison's at Christmas, I love their party food range. The mince pies look tasty :) Lovely toys and cards.

  10. WE love the Morrisons Bakery, it might well be our Christmas shop store of choice this year #TwinklyTuesday

  11. I rarely go to Morrison’s if I am honest , and the girls have been asking for Christmas tree crumpets so now I know where to get them! Thanks lovely x

  12. What a lovely hamper gift. It is amazing what you can buy in supermarkets nowadays pretty much anything X #twinklytuesday

  13. This is such a great idea, as life can be so hectic and a one stop shop is just the thing that is needed. I like Morrisons too, but not actually been in a while x

  14. Being able to buy everything in one go is so reassuring as you don't need to spend more time x

  15. Looks like you are super organised this year. I still have loads to do and the kids break up really early this year

  16. We shop a lot at Morrisons during the course of the year and they have some fantastic Christmas items in store! x

  17. It's great that you can get everything in one place. We don't have a Morrisons near us.

  18. Really enjoyed reading this post, you are such a beautiful family!

  19. Sounds like a great company to shop at! Merry Christmas!

  20. I like to do all my shopping online and in as few stores as possible for ease and peace of mind. Good Morrisons works for you.

  21. I think that Morrisons have a great Christmas range this year. I love their mince pies

  22. I love Morrisons, they have such a great range throughout the year but especially at Christmas! Their mince pies are the best!

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