Wednesday 13 March 2019

PARENTHOOD: 10 Reasons why toddlers are actually pretty incredible!

PARENTHOOD: 10 Reasons why toddlers are actually pretty incredible!
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Toddlers can get a bit of bad press with their infamous 'terrible twos' label and seemingly endless tantrums. But having had one toddler (who is now a much bigger three-year-old) and now at the beginning of toddlerhood again I am determined to focus on actually how pretty incredible this age really is. When toddlers start to develop their own personality traits they come alive as a little person. The things that make them giggle that ever so infectious giggle, the ways they approach different challenges and their sheer determination is seriously admirable. I think there is a lot we can learn from this incredible age, so instead of anticipating challenging behaviour during the toddler phase why not focus on the often funny, impressive and strong-willed strengths of this age. 

Poppy is now 20 months, so well within the 'toddler phase' and I have to say I am loving it. I had forgotten quite how much I love this age as they are so full of character and it is an absolute pleasure watching Poppy's personality flourish. Don't get me wrong, it isn't all fun and laughter, there are hard times too, but all too often toddlers are given the 'terrible twos' label without a mention of quite how much they achieve at this age. Simply watching Poppy play or interact with Isabella not only melts my heart, but also has me laughing a lot of the time. She is just so funny and it is really interesting seeing how she will try to overcome problems she faces; it blows my mind.
If you have a toddler or a little one who is approaching toddlerhood, then here are ten reasons why toddlers are actually pretty incredible...

1. Determination - The determination of those little humans is pretty impressive, whether that be trying to build a tower out of wooden blocks or putting on their own shoes. They simply do not give up and too often don't like accepting help either. 

2. Learning to talk - This has to be one of my favourite parts of parenting a toddler, teaching them how to talk. The feeling of achievement from both them and you when they learn a new word is such a special feeling and one that I wish you could bottle up forever. The funny words or phrases they come out with always brighten your day.

3. Pace of learning and growth - The rate at which toddlers learn is impressive to say the least, between the ages of one and two years old they completely change. They gain some level of independence, learn to talk, walk, feed themselves, climb etc. all in such a small space of time. While they are growing at such a rate it is important to ensure that they get the right nutrients, which is why it is reassuring to know that Poppy’s milk of choice, SMA® PRO Growing Up Milk, is nutritionally enriched to help support young children's healthy growth up until their 4th birthday. The vitamin D and calcium supports the normal growth and development of bones, while the Omega 3 & 6 and iodine helps support normal growth. It’s enriched with iron to help support the normal cognitive development in a child's brain, and in addition, vitamins A, C & D support the normal function of the immune system. They have recently redesigned their packaging, which is now clearer to read, easily identifiable and very sleek.
4. Easily pleased - Toddlers are just so easily pleased - a simple game of peek-a-boo or blowing raspberries on their tummy can guarantee that infectious giggle. No need for expensive toys or fancy technology, just another human is enough to have them smiling in no time and I love that about this age. They appreciate what we all should appreciate more and that is something we could certainly learn from them.

5. High energy levels - If you're a parent then you'll know that an overtired child is no fun for anyone, however it still surprises me quite how much energy toddlers have for such little people. They can just keep going and going, until they need a nap and that in itself is a reason why they are pretty incredible. Nap time is a parent’s saviour; the time to get jobs done, tidy up, eat food, make a hot drink, relax and have some time out. When they get older then naps will be dropped, so make the most of this time because despite naps being at slightly inconvenient times sometimes you probably will miss them once they're gone.

6. Enthusiasm - Again, this one links closely with the easily pleased point; just as they are easily pleased they are also overly enthusiastic about the simplest of things. If I even say the word 'tickle' to Poppy then she'll be laughing, holding her tummy and waiting in anticipation for the 'tickle monster'. If (the bane of my life) Baby Shark comes on the radio then Poppy is straight up dancing away and trying to copy her big sister with the actions. Her enthusiasm to the simplest of things melts my heart every single day.

7. Ability to communicate - They may not have a big bank of vocabulary behind them, but that doesn't stop them understanding what you're saying and also being able to communicate back to you. Poppy can now understand most of what I say to her, despite only being able to say a handful of words herself, which in itself is pretty mind-blowing. Yet she can still very clearly let me know what she wants, such as pointing, shouting, crying, laughing, copying or looking. All very clever if you ask me.

8. Funny - Toddlers are just beyond funny to watch, aren't they? Their little mannerisms, faces they pull, cute 'words' they come out with, their dance moves, the ability to do something over and over and over again without getting bored. The way they run towards you with open arms, their faces when trying new foods, the way they interact with siblings, the endless copying and determination to be independent.

9. They know what they want and when - Something we're not very good at as adults, but toddlers know what they want and you can be certain they'll know when too. 

10. Love unconditionally - The love a toddler will show is unconditional; in a room full of people they'll go to you for reassurance, comfort and love. They'll want 'Mama' or 'Dada' above anyone else and that is a pretty special feeling; they need you to survive. 
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What do you think is pretty incredible about toddlers?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x

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  1. I absolutely love the determination of toddlers, that and their sense of humour makes it a really fun age!

  2. What a lovely post - i love the toddler stage and their curiosity. I don't miss the tantrums though - Pickle had some epic ones! Kaz

  3. This is such a lovely positive post on the toddler years. I certainly enjoyed them with my two, despite the odd tantrum.

  4. Ha ha - I've just published a post about tantrums! But of course the tantrums are just a tiny part. I agree that these little ones are mostly fascinating creatures - small versions of ourselves just finding their way. Ahh! X

  5. I think learning to walk is at the top of my adorable toddler loving phase, and poppy seems to have taken it like duck to water.

  6. I love this post because it is so right. Sure, toddlers can be hard work, but that's just kids, right! I loved all five of mine during their toddler age. I think I'd give an arm to be able to relieve them all as toddlers for a day!

  7. I love this and totally agree! Toddlers can be stressful but the amount they learn and demonstrate at this age is truly amazing.

  8. I wholeheartedly agree. Olivia is now a toddler and whilst she can be a proper drama queen when she's in a mood, I am really enjoying her at this age with her little quirks and seeing how she grows and develops.

  9. Great post. And you're right, they do get a bad rep but toddlers can be pretty awesome. The things they are achieving while they develop during this phase is phenomenal.

  10. Such a great topic. As a mom of a toddler, I could totally feel all of these. And it was a great parenting experience for me.

  11. Time flies so fast, my toddlers are now teenagers. This stage is indeed memorable for every mother.

  12. Toddlers are amazing! They are hard work sometimes but totally amazing too. The speed in which they grow and learn new things is incredible xx


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