Thursday 13 January 2022

INTRODUCING: My Small Business...Isabella Mai-de - The Home of Personalised Hand Printed Gifts for Everyone

INTRODUCING: My Small Business...Isabella Mai-de - The Home of Personalised Hand Printed Gifts for Everyone
Starting this post feels a bit de ja vu because I wrote a very similar post back in 2016 when I originally launched Isabella Mai-de. Back then it was all about hand printed children's leggings and joggers, but after only a few months of being open I had to close due to morning sickness with my second pregnancy and then we entered the busy life of two children and I just didn't get around to reopening. However, in the spring/summer of 2021 I started to wonder whether I should open Isabella Mai-de back up again. Our middle daughter was due to start school in September, leaving just our youngest at home, so I felt that I'd have enough time to really concentrate on it this time. Then followed many excited months redesigning the logo, setting up the Etsy shop again, photographing products, making reels, filming TikToks, writing listings, trialing products, carving stamps, putting together new designs/patterns, sourcing stock, hand stamping labels/thank you cards, finding more sustainable packaging options etc. Along with the inevitable questions like 'will this work?', 'what if no one buys anything?' that I think are all part of launching your own business. 
Isabella Mai-de officially launched in September 2021 and it's been an absolutely incredible start. It surpassed our expectations and the support has been amazing, which we're so thankful for. We decided to step away from children's leggings, in favour of creating hand printed gifts for the whole family. At the moment we currently offer...

Each item is hand printed and personalised, so it is completely unique to you or the lucky recipient. The vast majority of our stamps are also hand carved, which makes them completely unique to Isabella Mai-de. This also means that all of our patterns can be hand printed onto any of the above items, so if you love a pattern and can't find it on, say a Toy Storage Sack, then pop us a message and we'd absolutely love to create your dream combination. 
Sustainability is a real focus for us as a brand and we always endeavour to be as environmentally-friendly as we can be. This starts with our products, which are all reusable and made with cotton or card. Each piece is designed to be enjoyed for years and loved for many different occasions or purposes. For example, our cotton Party Bags are reusable and also incredibly versatile; they can be treasure bags for walks in nature, birthday party table settings, party bags for any occasion, gift bags, a safe place to keep hair bobbles/bows etc. We also focus on sustainability when packaging up our produces, including using recyclable cardboard boxes, paper parcel tape, recyclable card thank you notes and reusable jute ribbon. Each order is packaged up to look beautiful with lots of care, whilst still looking after the environment. 
It has been fascinating observing when the busy shopping periods are, which so far for us has been Halloween and Christmas. Relatively quickly it became evident that our Personalised Hand Printed Muslin Cloths were going to be our best sellers, which brings me so much joy and seeing/hearing about them being put into people's hospital bags or given as gifts feels like such an honour. 
We're so excited to see where Isabella Mai-de goes in 2022 and we really hope you'll join us. Our social media links are:

Which is your favourite piece/pattern?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :) 

Helen x


  1. Congratulations on your new shop and love all the items, these will make perfect gifts as I love sending personalised gifts

  2. Absolutely beautiful pieces and I love the Under The Sea Print, quite unique x

  3. I love using small businesses when I'm buying gifts or even things for myself. The foldable tote shopping bag is my fav but that's because I can use it as I don't have young children anymore. Wishing you the best of luck.

  4. Congratulations on re-luanching your shop, you have some beautiful designs

  5. Congrats on restarting your business and your shop. Your products are beautiful I have no doubt they will sell!!!

  6. Congrats on re opening again you should be so proud. And the designs are beautiful x

  7. These products are so unique! I saw rhat you added more to your Etsy shop!


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