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SUMMER: Why you should go to Gloworm Festival with Interplay

SUMMER: Why you should go to Gloworm Festival with Interplay
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Family festivals are becoming more and more popular, as they pop up around the country offering families endless fun for a whole weekend. Many now offer camping too, so you really can make them into quite the adventure. Gloworm Festival is one that has been on our wish list since becoming parents, so we were beyond excited to be going this year as Interplay Ambassadors. If you're not familiar with Interplay then they have a number of very popular children's brands, including My Fairy Garden, FabLab, Fuzzikins, My Living World, My Mermaid Lagoon, CraftBox Charm Jewellery, Technokit and the revolutionary new Face Paintoos. At Gloworm Festival 2019 Interplay sponsored the Creative Play Zone, which was filled with FabLab Style Labs, Fuzzkins and Face Paintoos. An absolute must-visit for anyone at the festival, especially to help get into that festival vibe style!

As you entered the Interplay Creative Play Zone there were three stations for children to explore, all of which were interactive, welcoming and had all the resources needed to create masterpieces. We first went to the Fuzzikins station, which was filled with a variety of Fuzzikins characters, felt tips and houses/buildings to then play with your animals once it was decorated. Isabella has been a big fan of Fuzzikins for a year or so now, which is mainly due to their unique 'Create, Rinse and Re-Colour' feature that allows her to personalise the animals as many times as she likes. You don't find many craft activities for children that are reusable, so it is fantastic to see that Fuzzikins are leading the way. 
They also have an exciting new range for 2019, which would make ideal birthday or Christmas presents (is it too early to mention that word?!). These include the Fuzzi Street Ice-Cream Parlour, Pizzeria, Post Office, Fuzzi Babies - Hamster, Lamb, Monkey and Bedtime Bunnies. The Fuzzi Babies sets are only £4.99, so would make a fun stocking filler too.
The next station within the Interplay Creative Zone was the Face Paintoos, which is a revolutionary way to transform the magic of face painting without the usual skill required. I don't know about your children, but anytime there is a chance to get their face painted Isabella and Poppy are asking for it to be done. But it can often be pretty expensive and Poppy especially will only go and smear it over her face in a matter of minutes. Face Paintoos have come up with a solution to these problems with their long-lasting and impressively accurate results every single time! They work similar to a temporary tattoo (such a nostalgic experience), so you simply peel off the film, apply to the face, hold a damp sponge on the back for a few seconds, carefully peel away and just like magic your little one is transformed into the animal/creature of their choice. 
There are currently 15 designs to choose from, including: leopard, tiger, monkey, dragon, lion, mermaid, unicorn, dolphin, fairy, butterfly, mouse, dalmation, cat, puppy and rabbit. They were all available to try at Gloworm, so it was the perfect opportunity to try out a new product to the market. Isabella and Poppy both opted for butterflies on the first day and then on the second day Isabella went for a fairy while Poppy choose a mermaid. When it comes to buying the Face Paintoos they come in four different sets, each containing five face tattoos in. The Magical Pack has the forest fairy, dolphin with rainbow, butterfly, blue mermaid and unicorn. The Pet Pack has the cat, dalmation, puppy, rabbit and mouse. Finally, the Wild Pack has the tiger, monkey, leopard, lion and dragon. They do also do a Party Pack, which contains a mixture of 20 face tattoos and is ideal for parties, school fetes, play dates or simply everyday magical adventures!
The last station within the Interplay Creative Play Zone was the FabLab table, which had an array of glamourous cosmetics to create glitter tattoos, hairlights and nail art. Reassuringly for us parents all of the FabLab Cosmetics are 100% non-toxic and designed specifically for children, so you can truly let them show their creative flare. Isabella was straight over to the glitter tattoos and choose a rose to have on her arm. The stencils, cosmetic glue and glitter were all so easy to use and within no time at all she was proudly showing everyone her glistening red rose glitter tattoo. We also painted some of her nails (which peeled off really easy when the time came, so there was no need for nail varnish remover) in a deep purple. She absolutely loved getting all glammed up and we were impressed at how easy everything was to use and remove again. 
After we had visited the Creative Play Zone we explored the rest of Gloworm Festival, which was just so much fun. If you've not been to a family festival before I honestly can't recommend the experience enough. We only fell in love with them last year, but ever since our first experience we've been desperate to make summer festival memories together again. As Gloworm is aimed at families there are so many different areas for children to explore, including meet and greets, Playmobil, My Fab Land, Sylvanian Families, Paw Patrol Zone, shows on the main stage, workshops, Shipwrecked Cove, The Hive, Tiny Tots Zone, The Great Outdoors Zone and plenty of fairground rides. 
What we were really impressed with at Gloworm was that everything is included in the ticket price, so aside from food/drink there is no need to spend any more money once in the festival. The ones we've been to before you have to pay for the fairground rides and even some of the activities too, so it was refreshing to see that everything was included. There were also plenty of complementary products being handed out around the festival, including the use of the Fuzzikins, Face Paintoos, FabLab Style Lab, Playmobil figures, Yazoo milkshakes, Organix Veggie Sticks and Syvanian Families Surprise Packs. 
I can't recommend visiting Gloworm Festival and trying out the Interplay range of products enough, so here are just a few quick fire reasons why you should visit Gloworm and try out Interplay brands:

  • The camping is very close to the main festival area.
  • There are plenty of toilets around the festival.
  •  The list of activities for children to do is endless - we spent two days there and still had more to do.
  •  There are so many complementary products given out.
  •  The grounds are kept very tidy and clean.
  •  There are drink stations dotted around the festival, so that you can fill up reusable water bottles.
  •  Face Paintoos make face painting easier, quicker and less messy - genius idea!
  •  Get into the festival spirit at the Creative Play Zone with glitter tattoos, coloured hair and brightly coloured nail varnish.
  •  The car parking is also not too far away from the main festival area.
  •  There is an impressive range of food and drink stalls, although these are quite expensive so it may be worth considering taking a picnic if you're attending for more than one day.
  •  A good range of vegetarian/vegan and child size portions at the food and drink stalls.
  •  The meet and greets are very well organised, ensuring that all children are kept safe and that they have a photo opportunity. 
  •  There are plenty of shaded areas, including a marquee filled with picnic benches and most of the activities/zones are undercover too.
Have you been to a festival this year?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x


  1. This looks a fab place to take kids to! Looks like you had a great time and you were lucky with the weather!

  2. What a brilliant festival for kids. It's great that there is so much emphasis on creativity. If I had little ones I'd be taking them there!

  3. I love seeing ideas for family friendly festivals. My lot would absolutely love this and I've never heard of it before.

  4. I love the change to family friendly festivals over the last few years. They sound like so much fun and make it easier to keep children entertained when you are out with the family.

  5. I love that there is so much to do at the festival and that it is included in the admission price.

  6. Gutted I haven’t been to any festivals this year. Really wanted to go to one but the summer just flew time. This looks so colourful and perfect for the kids too

  7. We love family festivals, there are so many now! This one looks fab and so colourful, great for the kids.

  8. I think Erin would really love a festival. This one looks particularly good.

  9. Sounds like a really fun family festival. Luke would love it for sure!

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  11. What a fun and great experience. This looks like an awesome festival to go with the whole fam. I can see how happy the kids are.

  12. I've not been brave enough to go to a family festival yet as I'm not a fan of camping and mid however I know my daughter would love it. I think ts a great idea that there are family friendly festivals now like gloworm, there seems like so many activities for children to get involved in.


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