Wednesday 9 October 2019

PREGNANCY #3: Preparing my Hospital Bag for the Third Time

PREGNANCY #3: Preparing my Hospital Bag for the Third Time
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It's that time again...time to pack the hospital bag. This is when reality hits that there is actually going to be a baby here soon, a reminder of how small newborn baby clothes are and the excited feelings of what is to come. As we're expecting our third baby I'm certainly not new the packing a hospital bag, but it still feels like quite a daunting task to me. I think it's the unknown that makes it trickier; not knowing the kind of birth you're going to have, how long it will be, when it will happen, where it will take place etc. Obviously we all have some level of a plan in place, but babies are notorious for just doing whatever they want to, aren't they? When it came to packing my hospital bag this time around it is with the vision of giving birth in hospital and not having a c-section. Only time will tell whether I end up needing an emergency c-section, but at the moment it is not part of my birth plan so have therefore not packed for one. 

I did debate whether to try and give birth in the birth centre (which is right next door to the labour ward at our hospital), which is where I wanted to give birth when I had Isabella. However, when my waters broke early and I didn't go into established labour quick enough I wasn't allowed to. I think  I have decided that just going straight to the labour ward would be best this time because it is familiar. I am still not 100% sure as to whether I want to try for a water birth or not yet; part of me wants to try in case this is our last baby, but another part of me thinks it may not be for me. I have packed a vest top in case I do decide for a water birth last minute, but at the moment I am swaying more towards not having one. 
For some people a hospital is the last place they want to give birth, but personally it is the only place I want to be. My friend's labour was so quick that she ended up giving birth on her bathroom floor and the fact that our hospital is 40 minutes away is starting to worry me now. I really hope I get my timings right and we get to hospital once I'm in established labour, so that we can go straight to the labour ward. I find it very empowering to know that I am surrounded by medical experts, pain relief and beds that move for you(!) in a hospital, should any of them be needed. I have been induced both times previously, so I'm really hoping that I'll be able to experience going into labour naturally this time.
When it came to packing my hospital bag I referred back to my packing hospital bag for baby and for me blog posts, which I wrote back in 2015. However when I wrote those posts I hadn't given birth to any babies yet, so this time I've adapted as to what I know I'll actually need and use. The key items I've packed for myself are:

  • Thin dressing gown
  • Nursing-friendly pyjamas x2
  • Socks
  • Make-up wipes
  • Toiletries
  • Slippers
  • Dark coloured towel
  • Hair bobbles/scrunchies 

  • Nursing bras x2 
  • Maternity Pads
  • Pants
  • Tena pants (I can't recommend these enough, especially if you end up with a lot of blood loss post birth)
  • Outfit for going home
  • Camera
  • Camera charger
  • Phone charger
  • Headphones (for feeding during that first night in hospital)
  • iPad with downloaded programs/films (again, for those long night feeds)
When it comes to the much more adorable part of hospital bag packing, the baby's things, I have tried to keep it as minimal as possible. I found last time that packing a separate bag for the baby and me made life so much easier, so I'm conscious of not overpacking and then having to carry it all out again post baby. This is what I've packed for the baby boy:

Another item we'll be taking with us are a present each for Isabella and Poppy for the baby boy. We gave Isabella a doctors kit when Poppy was born and it worked really well with helping her adapt to having a little sister, so will be doing the same this time. Once we get home we will be using the Baby Unscented Pure-Castile Liquid Soap by Dr. Bronner from Abel & Cole, which is organic, Fairtrade and the bottle is made from recycled materials, when we are home with the baby. It's incredibly gentle on the skin and is ideal for all of us to use as it doesn't have a scent. We also already really like using the Green People Organic Babies products from Abel & Cole because they are organic, natural and soothing, hence why I'm taking some of them into hospital with me. 
Another product we've got in readiness for combination feeding or in case I can't breastfeed this time is the Nuby Microwave Steam Steriliser. We've always been big fans of microwave sterilisers because they are quick, compact and don't take up kitchen surface space, as they can be kept in the microwave itself. This microwave steam steriliser from Nuby sterilises four bottles in 4 minutes and if the lid isn't opened then they stay sterile for 24 hours. It kills 99.9% of germs, lightweight and is chemical free, which makes it perfect for using with small babies. You also get a Combat Colic 180ml Bottle and an Orthodontic Dummy within this set, so you're all ready to start bottle or combination feeding. 

What were/are/will your hospital bag essentials be?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x



  1. You look really well prepared! I took loads of food with me as I was induced!

  2. You’re so organised! I spent the last month of pregnancy in and out of hospital but never once did I think to pack a bag!

    Good luck x

  3. You are really well prepared and organized! And all the baby stuff is complete, and also your things to bring with yourself. That's a great one for the third time :) Good luck!

  4. Looks like you are super well prepared to me. I love that little colourful baby vest. So adorable!

  5. I'd completely forgotten how much stuff goes into your hospital bag! You can never be too prepared and I love the idea of bringing a device and headphones for those first long nights. XX

  6. You are definitely more prepared the 3rd time round and if it works out you might use the centre for birth this time round.


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