Tuesday 13 October 2020

HOW TO: Create an Easy Halloween Grazing Board

Halloween is just around the corner and things are about to get all kinds of spooky! However, as a parent of young children (and not one to like scary things in the first place) I much prefer to keep Halloween a fun, slightly spooky time of year. There are loads of non-scary bakes, crafts and decorations ideas, so to add to this I thought I'd put together a Halloween Grazing Board full of treats. The most important part of this Halloween platter is that it is quick and easy to put together, yet effective and can be enjoyed by all ages. The popularity of platters has rocketed in recent years and I think the pandemic has only increased their popularity further, as we all look for ways to celebrate different events from the comfort and safety of our own homes. 
There is nothing used to create the bakes and makes for this platter that you can't pick up from your local supermarket or B&M. I am really impressed with the Halloween range B&M have to offer this year; it's affordable, their baking kits are easy to use and it's not all blood, guts and gore either. I picked up this Halloween Unicorn Skeleton and Bat Biscuits kit, set of Halloween sprinkles and Halloween Cookie Mix from there and then the edible eyes were from Cake D├ęcor (available via amazon or supermarkets). 
 Platters are essentially the perfect excuse to put all of your favourite treats, nibbles and snacks all on one 'plate' to munch on with loved ones. I love the concept of platters so much; the way they bring people together, can be tailored to any occasion or event and are perhaps surprisingly easy to put together yet so effective. It's all in the finishing touches and choosing foods that will look spooky (or pretty or colourful...whatever the occasion calls for) when put altogether. My top tip for Halloween is to buy edible eyes; they can be stuck to almost anything and it transforms into something spooky! 
What to include in your Halloween Platter:

Shortbread Bats and Pumpkins 
Made using the Unicorn Skeleton & Bat Biscuits Kit from B&M
Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows
Sprinkled with Halloween sprinkles
Flipz White Fudge Pretzel Ghosts
Stick edible eyes on with either use edible glue or melted white chocolate
White Chocolate Ghost Topped Brownies
Melt white chocolate and spoon a small amount onto non-stick baking paper. Place the back of a spoon into the centre of the white chocolate 'blob' and pull outwards slightly to create a ghost shape. Leave to set in the fridge, add on eyes and a mouth with a black icing pen and then place on top of either homemade or shop bought mini brownies.
Mummy Sticks
Stick edible eyes to chocolate dipped pretzel sticks or Mikados
Pumpkin Cheese Quesadillas
Cut two pumpkins out of a tortilla wrap. Top one with grated cheese and carrot. Cut out eyes and a mouth out of the other pumpkin wrap and place on top. Gently fry over a medium to low heat until the cheese is all melted, finish under the grill for a toasted top. 
White Chocolate Mice
These were from Morrisons 
Brain Sweets
These were from B&M 
Orange Smarties
These were from their Christmas range, which is already available in supermarkets 
Teeth Sweets 
These were in a bag with lips from Morrisons
Bubbly Chocolate Ghosts
These were from Marks & Spencer
When it comes to putting the platter together it is easiest to start with the biggest items then work your way up to the smallest. That way you can use the smallest items (like the smarties and sweets) to fill any gaps and make the platter look full.

What would your favourite treats be for a Halloween platter?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x


  1. OOO how fab does this look clever you!! What a great idea and a brilliant way to enjoy the Halloween season x

  2. I absolutely love this idea!! I should have been having my hen do on Halloween weekend but we postponed the wedding. So I am (hopefully) having my two bridesmaids over on Halloween night and I am going to make this x x

  3. What a gorgeous grazing board! I absolutely love it and think it would make the perfect 'Halloween movie' treat for a little cinema party at home on 31st!

  4. This looks amazing. What a fun idea for Halloween. My Erin would love it.

  5. What a great idea for Halloween. My girls would love this.

  6. This is incredible and such a wonderful idea for Halloween. Will definitely be giving this a go in 2021!


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