Tuesday 20 October 2020

FAMILY: Rory - One Year On

Rory - One Year On
Well, I can't exactly say that Rory's first year of his life was how I imagined. Back in October last year we were blissfully unaware of what was to come, but despite lockdown and a worldwide pandemic Rory's first year has been so incredibly special. I honestly I can't believe that this time last year I was willing to go into natural labour after two inductions. We had been booked in for an induction on the Sunday, so with no real signs of labour off we went to hospital for 2pm. I was checked into the induction ward, my husband went to Costa for supplies and we were told that I could be in for a few days as they were really busy. I was feeling Braxton Hicks, but I was so bored of telling everyone I was 'definitely' in labour (like I had 2957503804 times during the previous few weeks) that I just kept quiet. 
Once I was hooked onto the monitor it became clear that I was actually in labour! The contractions weren't regular yet, so I got some dinner and settled down to watch Harry Potter on the bedside television. Just before it started we decided to go for a little stroll; it was a Sunday, so the hospital was really quiet and it was nice to leave the ward. However, we only got a few steps out of the ward when the pain suddenly increased and I was clinging onto the walls in pain. We made it a few more steps down the corridor before needing to return to the ward. I wasn't going to say anything to the midwives, but as I had a big contraction in front of their desk I decided to go over and tell them what I was feeling. Once they heard this was my third baby they decided to exam me quickly, which showed I was in fact five centimetres dilated and needed to head down to the labour ward. 
Having been induced twice before and making the seemingly long journey down to labour ward from the induction ward I have to admit that it was a lot less painful and much more manageable this time around. I have read that induced labours are more intense than going into labour naturally, which makes sense really but having not experienced a natural labour up until this point I had nothing to compare my previous labours to. Obviously labours are so unique and everyone's pain threshold is different, but Rory's labour was a lot more manageable than Isabella and Poppy's. I'd be really interested to hear if you've experienced both induced and natural labours and whether you found a difference. 

After only around an hour and half of being in the labour ward and Rory made his appearance into the world. I actually gave birth to his placenta while it was still attached, which I believe is called a Lotus birth and we let the blood stop pumping from the placenta while it sat next to me in a bag. The placenta is such a fascinating organ, isn't it?
I can't believe all of this was already a year ago; babies has magical powers to make time go faster that's for sure! The past year has been a whirlwind of Christmas, home schooling, lockdown, missing family events, a lot of close family time together, precious sibling bonding time at home, staycations and growing up too fast. The pandemic has meant that we haven't been able to go to the baby classes I would have loved to or seen family/friends anywhere near as much as we would have liked. Rory is used to seeing everyone in masks when we go out and rarely sees babies his own age to play with. 
It's been a big adjustment for me as a Mummy too with a big proportion of the last year having all three children at home all of the time. It's definitely not been easy at times; there have been tears, self doubt, exhaustion and anxiety, but also joyous moments seeing all three children play together, watching their bond grow, having Daddy at home for bedtime, enjoying our local area more and embracing a slightly slower pace of life. 
Rory has flourished over the last few months; his personality is really starting to shine through now and it's so special. He can get up to standing from sitting, quickly cruise along furniture, has taken his first couple of independent steps, can say 'dada' and 'mama' (though not in context yet), lets his sisters know if he's not happy about something by screaming, enjoys putting things into containers and then emptying them out again, eats almost anything, loves being tickled, hates having his nappy changed and puts everything in his mouth. I'm still breastfeeding him, which I love and don't have any plans to stop just yet. I think that's everything to update you on with regards to Rory - I can't believe a whole year has whizzed by and this is the first update I've managed to write. 

So much changes in the first year of a baby's life and I'm so excited to see Rory grow over the next year. He brings so much love and joy, completing our family unit.

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x


  1. Awww how lovely, what an entrance with the placenta still attached! Lovely memories and yes babies do make time speed up, I am sure!

  2. A lovely first year. They definitely make the weeks flyby, it gets worse as they get older.

  3. Aww what gorgeous photos and a special first year to look back on. I love that photo of Rory in the wheelbarrow with the pumpkins. Btw (ex-midwife here) giving birth to the placenta when it is still attached is a physiological third stage. A lotus birth is when the placenta stays attached until the cord falls off (so similar but the placenta is still attached for a lot longer!)

  4. Aww! Such lovely memories 💕. Rory looks so happy and cute! 😍Love those beautiful photos ❤️👌🏻

    Everything Enchanting

  5. Aw so glad to hear that Rory has flourished and doing well. Love all your cute family pictures too xx

  6. That year has gone so fast! These are such gorgeous photos - I am so glad his first year has been so special in spite of everything that has been going on in the world.

  7. He is cute as a button! Happy birthday, wee man x

  8. That first year goes by so fast doesn't it? It certainly did for us.

  9. Your photos are just so beautiful!! It's amazing how quickly time passes us by. In a blink of an eye, he will soon be 2

  10. Aww he is such a cuties and yet babies honestly do make time go faster - sounds like it's been a very busy year for all of you :)

    Laura x

  11. This is so lovely to read. I know it’s been a tough year for us all but what a lovely time to watch your gorgeous little man grow up x

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