Thursday 10 January 2013

Ice-Cream Blue Glittery Nails :)

I bought this 17 light blue nail varnish called 'Heart Beat' from Boots for £2. I love the creamy blue colour, it has a good size applicator, making applying the nail varnish very easy!

To create this look I also used Chit Chat nail varnish, which is only £1 from Poundland! It's one of my favourite new nail varnishes because it's full of different sized glitter, making it great to use with any other nail varnish! You can also control how much glitter you have on your nails, one coat doesn't have much glitter and then you can build it up!

I painted two coats of the Heart Beat nail varnish on my nails first, let them dry and then painted over the with 3 coats of the Chit Chat nail varnish, simple! :)

What do you think?


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