Wednesday 20 February 2013

The Heart Store - such beautiful items :)

The Heart Store

The Heart Store, what a lovely name for an online shop? If you like hearts as much as I do (every room in my house has something heart shaped!) then you will LOVE this online store! I think heart shaped items can be given between anyone, I have given and received heart shaped items like hanging hearts, heart shaped photo frames, coasters etc from both family and friends a like. The Heart Store stocks items for weddings, celebrations, home, garden, teenagers, baby and children, something for everyone! A unique aspect of this company is that on selected products they donate 20% of the retail price of the product to Ovarian Cancer Action. This is such a positive move towards supporting charities, I definatly think more companies should offer a proportion of their sales to charity, just think of the difference that would make!

The Heart Store stock such a beautiful range of products:

Handmade Heart Shaped Porcelain Dish
Handmade Heart Shaped Porcelain Dish £18.00

Heart Shaped Personalised Print
Heart Shaped Personalised Print, from £22.00

Heart Shaped Silver Trinket Pot
Heart Shaped Silver Trinklet Pot £20.00

'With Love' Biscuit Stamp
'With Love' Biscuit Stamp £8.50

I was given the lovely opportunity to try out the 'With Love' Biscuit stamp, which I was really excited about as I love baking! It was really easy to use, I'd recommend spraying on a small amount of oil onto the stamp first. This prevents the stamp from sticking to the dough. I rolled out a basic vanilla biscuit dough, used a heart cookie cutter I already had to make heart shaped biscuits. Then stamped each one with the biscuit stamp, you need to press down quite firmly. After I stamped each uncooked biscuit I then used the same heart cookie cutter again because when you press down the biscuit flattens and loses its shape. I baked for 15 minutes and that's it!

After the biscuits are cooked the words aren't as prominant but still visiable and I think they give a unique touch to the biscuits. You could then use the imprint as a template to ice around the words to make them even clearer.

Go check out the cute range of products available at the heart store :)

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  1. Such a lovely idea for a shop! :)
    I love everything with hearts on, gonna go check it out now!

  2. I love the idea of that cookie stamp, it's so cute! x


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