Wednesday 6 February 2013

The January Sales seem to be never ending...

Just a quick post to show you (probably) the last of the January sale items I bought on my recent visit to Stratford Upon Avon (see post here). I can't believe how long the sales seem to be going on this year, they started at the end of December and are still going now we're in February, I'm defiantly not complaining though!

I have always loved Lakeland but without one near me I have never really shopped there, just browsed their online shop and wished! Stratford has a Lakeland and we spent ages looking around (much to my boyfriends delight!), it's full of anything and everything a baker/cook could ever want! As I love bother baking and cooking I was in heaven, they had a fair sized sale area with a lot of their Christmas stock. I am always drawn to the cake, cupcake, cake pop, general baking area. So many 'gadgets' for in the kitchen, it's a baker's wonderland! I bought a packet of wafer paper shimmery blue snowflakes for sprinkling over cupcakes or on top of cakes, they were 99p. I also got two packs of 8 Reindeer individual cupcake stands (49p for each pack), they fold out to make a 3D reindeer that you can place a cupcake on its back. A fun way to present a Christmas cupcake!

I've visited a couple of Accessorize's since the sales started but not found anything I really wanted or needed. So I quickly nipped in to the Accessorize in Stratford and had a good look through their plastic bags of 'odd, broken or damaged' items. There can be some great bargains in this section, last year I got some earrings, which were £15 down to £1 all because the back was missing off one of them! This year I found a lovely selection of small pearl earrings, there should have been 3 sets (cream, grey and pink) but one of the grey earrings was missing, so it was reduced from £4 to 50p! Two complete sets of earrings for 50p! I also found a couple of hair clips with flowers on but one of the flowers had fallen off, it just needed a quick superglue and it would be fixed. These were 50p! Finally, this Travel Document pack was also reduced to 50p because the strap had broken but again a bit of superglue would fix it. I think the pattern is lovely, very summery! I like to be organised, so this little travel document pack is perfect.

There is a wonderful shop in Stratford called 'Aspire', they also have shops in Oxford, Warwick and Soilhull. It's full of cute jewellery, home accessories, clothes and cards. They also stock Cath Kidston, which I'm a massive fan of! They are were running a big sale, in which they had bracelets and rings for £1, necklaces for £2 and accessories for £1! I saw this 'love' ribbon and thought it would be perfect for craft projects, it's really thick ribbon, therefore versatile. Each pack of ribbon was £1. I also got this Carmex lipbalm, I've never used Carmex before so it will be interesting see what it's like. The Carmex was also £1, a bargain from the £2.50 price tag in Boots. 

Now, this buy wasn't in sale and wasn't from Stratford but I wanted to let you know about it. This gorgeous storage box was from IKEA and was only £3.50 (that's full price!). Isn't the Cath Kidston inspired pattern so pretty? I have filled it with all my baking stuff but I wish I had bought more now! I would defiantly recommend hunting this down if you have an IKEA near you!

Have you had any late January Sale bargains?

Feel free to comment below :)



  1. I have the matching Ikea bedding to that storage box! I'm pretty sure it's actually from the range that Cath Kidston designed for Ikea so not just inspired by! Massive bargain when you consider how much you pay for full Cath Kidston stuff!

    Sophs xx

    The Sopho Diaries

    1. Oo I didn't realise Cath Kidston had designed a range! Ages ago I found the matching long curtains in the bargain basement part of IKEA and got them for £4 with nothing wrong with them! Always worth a nosey in the IKEA bargain basement area (normally near the tills) :)

      Helen xx


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