Monday 4 March 2013

Style at M&S

Recently I have had the chance to watch This Morning again and have to say I LOVE most of Holly Willoughby outfits. They are sophisticated, stylish and cover up all the right areas! So I decided to try and find out where Holly's gorgeous dresses are from, expecting them to be designer or from high end shops but was pleasantly surprised when I found a lot of her dresses at Marks & Spencers! I couldn't believe how many beautiful dresses there were on the Marks & Spencers website, I always thought it was the kind of shop my Mum and Auntie went to! Oh how wrong I am! I'm not sure if this is a relatively recent change from Marks & Spencers or it's always been like this and I've just been oblivious! There are a range of dresses for everyday wear, work and for special occassions, I especially like the fact that the dresses are past the knee. I've mentioned a couple of times on my blog that I don't really like my legs, so I am always on the hunt for dresses that go to the knee's, which unfortunatly places like Topshop rarely do!

TODAY ONLY: There is an online offer with 20% off certain womenswear and FREE STANDARD DELIVERY when you spend over £35! The prices below are including the 20% off.

Here are a range of my favourite dresses from Marks & Spencers...

Per Una Panelled Floral Print Shift Dress £39.60
Cotton Rich Floral Print Prom Dress £55.20
Petite Peter Pan Collar Skater Dress £28.00

Slash Neck Floral Shift Dress £36.00

Product Image
Petite Floral Lace Flare Hem Skater Dress £47.20

Do you like these dresses?



  1. Wow, you're right- I never look properly in M&S! Does the fact we like things from there mean we're getting old though...?! I had this panic when I started buying things (mostly workwear) from Next....! x

    1. Haha! Perhaps but I'd like to think not! Though with my birthday on Sunday I am about to be a year older! I love Next clothes too :)

      Helen xx


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