Tuesday 5 March 2013

Who doesn't want a pretty home?

I met my boyfriend at university up in Durham about 5 years ago now, we were just friends for a couple of years and then decided to risk our friendship and make 'THAT' change into a relationship. Luckily it worked out and we've now been going out for nearly 3 years! But after 10 month's of being in a relationship our degree came to an end and there came a massive decision, do we move in together or not?! It wasn't actually a hard decision for us, we knew we wanted to live together, so we started looking for a house we could rent. The first house we looked at we fell in love with and took the plunge to sign a 12 month contract! Then it dawned on us, we have to pay for everything to go into the house, rent and bills!

During the summer after our last year at university we searched, shopped and made a lot of the main furniture - wardrobe, bed, sofa, book shelf, chest of drawers etc. I never wanted to see another flat pack after that summer, we practically lived in IKEA. Having said that, it was such an exciting time, creating a home together is such a magical experience! But when funds ran low we stopped buying things and now almost 2 years later we still haven't 'finished' any of the rooms.

Currently we are very lucky to be looking to buy a house but haven't found a suitable house yet. I am so excited to have a bigger kitchen (my biggest priority!) because the kitchen at our house now is very small, with barely any cupboards or surface space. Searching for a house that we can decorate, style and change is very exciting and prompted me to search for pretty house accessories. Also, as it's my birthday on Sunday so I wanted to find some things for the house I could ask for my birthday :)

I thought I'd share with you some of the cute, pretty and shabby chic house accessories I've found....
H&M Bakery Cake Tin - £7.99

dotcomgiftshop.com Bontanical Non-Slip Doormat £19.95

H&M Tea Towel £2.99
Cream wooden post rack
melodymaison.co.uk Cream Post Rack £9.95

Postcard cushion
melodymaison.co.uk Postcard Cushion £12.95

Set of 3 vintage floral suitcases
melodymaison.co.uk Set of 3 Vintage Floral Suitcases £23.95
amazon.co.uk Gisela Graham Wooden Recipe Book Stand Holder £10.80

Patchwork Bunting Cushion
spottybutton.co.uk Patchwork Bunting Cushion £9.95

This final item is my biggest dream at the moment, I really want a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in Ice Blue! Problem is, they are edging on £450 - very expensive! But they are such an iconic kitchen accessory, I love the way they look and as I do a lot of baking it would be so useful too! How pretty is it?!
Buy KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, Ice Blue Online at johnlewis.com

John Lewis £429.95

What do you think?

Do you like decorating your bedroom/home?



  1. If you like Shabby Chic you'd love Sasse & Belle- I used to work in a shop that stocked it and it's so inexpensive and cute. The kenwood mixer is my dream too- I would love a baby pink one but i'd have to save for forever! x

    January Girl ♥ Nails Inc + Eylure Giveaway ♥

    1. I LOVE Sase and Belle - such cute things! I picked up one of their photoframes in a charity shop recently, such a find :)

      Helen xx

  2. I got my friend a beautiful fabric lampshade from Sasse & Belle for her birthday, and she loved it. Their stuff is so cute. I too would love a Kitchen Aid!! I fell in love with one colour in 'pistachio' (a pale, waxy green) but sadly it isn't available in the UK :( I've been enjoying decorating our new house though!
    Eleanor x

  3. I love the vintage and shabby chic style! Them cushions are so cute.
    Emma xx


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