Thursday 8 August 2013

Eden Hall Day Spa and Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel - pamper heaven ♥

When I turned 22 (I'm 23 now) Tom bought me a voucher for an amazing Spa in Nottinghamshire - Eden Hall Day Spa. I was so excited, his family have been there loads of times and love it! I'd never been to a spa before and boy was I lucky to experience Eden Hall as my first spa experience! I had also bought my friend a voucher for a day there as well, so off we went together on a cold January morning.
I'm no spa expert but I know a luxurious experience when I see one, from start to finish the day was so relaxing and we felt very 'looked after', a refreshing change from everyday life! A 'Simple Spa Day' is £85 but it's far from simple. The facilities at Eden Hall are simply exquisite, it's a beautiful old building just full of room after room of pamper heaven! I mean look at it...
How absolutely amazing does it look?! The big conservatory at the end is a relaxation area, where you can order drinks and sit in your dressing gown.
There is a good size swimming pool, with an inside Jacuzzi but my favourite was the outside Jacuzzis. We went in January so it was freezing outside and we did have to be brave to initially take our trusty dressing gowns off and get into the warm Jacuzzi but it was so worth it. The feeling of being in the warm Jacuzzi in the freezing outside was so refreshing!

There are loads of different experience rooms within the swimming pool area - hot/cold showers, sauna, rose infused steam room- something for everyone!
One of my favourite rooms was a Moroccan themed 'Chill Out' room. It was full of big beanbags, blankets, low lighting and calming music - as I'm sure you can imagine, it was absolute bliss. After lunch a lot of people went into this room and fell asleep, proves how relaxing it really was! The lunch is simply outstanding, there's a buffet of tasty salads and then you can order off the menu. You get a 3 course meal included in the day spa experience and honestly you get A LOT of food - we had such food babies but it was worth it - so yummy! Also, you eat in your dressing gown - such a novelty.
Not everyone likes relaxing all day, so there is a gym and some gym classes. We really wanted to try Zumba, so we started our day at a Beginners Zumba class - I think its fair to say it's not the exercise for me!
You can pay a bit extra and also have a beauty treatment (a 'Relaxing Ritual Day costs £115) - I was lucky enough to have an Elemis Facial, which changed my life! I'm now such a fan of facials and Elemis products, though I don't have facials very often, I would if I could! After you've had a treatment they send you to this gorgeous 'Post Treatment Area'...

I had my treatment at about 5pm, so it was dark in here and so peaceful - ohhhh how I wish I was back there right now!
I honestly can't recommend Eden Hall Day Spa enough - it's perfect for any occasion! When I was there, there was a Hen party (maybe I could go for my hen party, mmmm!), mothers and daughters, friends, couples - it's suitable for both men and women.
 All of the women on Tom's side of the family go every year and I'm hoping I'll get an invite this year! Tom's Nanny even goes for the day and just reads the newspaper - it's that kind of place that makes you feel relaxed as soon as you walk in!
There are a number of Special Offers on their website (see here) so make sure you check them out! The Evening Escape at £39, which allows you to enjoy the facilities between 7.30-10.30pm on alternate Wednesdays, is great for an after work treat.
So, after experiencing the Elemis Facial at Eden Hall Day Spa I wanted to hunt down the luxurious products they had used. Mainly so I could try and recreate the relaxing experience but it's never quite the same when your applying the face mask in your bathroom at home, but hey ho! They had used the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel Anti-Aging (should I take offence?) Face mask - which smells divine! It retails for £29.50 for 50ml and is available in most department stores or online here. While I was enquiring about this product at Debenhams in Manchester I was kindly given this little sample size of the product. I absolutely love this product, even if it isn't aimed at my type of skin! Just the smell brings back all of the amazing experiences at Eden Hall Day Spa :)

Have you been lucky enough to visit Eden Hall Day Spa?
Are you an Elemis Fan?


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  3. Hi Helen. I've never been to Eden Hall Day Spa, but I'm a massive fan of Elemis's Papaya Enzyme Peel. Its my birthday next week and im going to a spa too. Thanks for this post! Xx

  4. Aww Happy Birthday for next week! Spa's are just the perfect place for relaxing - I hope you have a lovely time :)

    Helen x

  5. The spa looks definitely amazing, Helen! A spa that exudes relaxation and luxury everywhere you look just makes you feel truly pampered and important. It's not so surprising to hear that you had a great time in there and would wish to come again. It's so good of your man to gift you with an awesome experience such as this!
    Lilia @ LaFleur de Beaute


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