Friday 9 August 2013

THE cutest Mothercare Haul ♥

As most of you will know by now my Sister in Law had a baby girl 9 weeks ago called Daisy and I'm obsessed with buying her the cutest little baby clothes and products! Every time we go and visit them, which has become a lot lately, I take a bag full of goodies! Last time we went I took 3 big bottle of bathtime bubbles that were reduced to 27p each and 3 big bottles of Talc reduced to 33p each, both from Tesco!
Daisy had her jabs last week so she's ok to go swimming now! So this weekend they're taking her swimming for the first time, how exciting! When we last went to see them they were saying how they were struggling to find a swimsuit that was 0-3 months, as Daisy is only 9 weeks old. So I made it my mission to find one, after tweeting about it, @lovedbyparents told me that Mothercare sell them. There isn't a Mothercare very near to me and there wasn't enough time to order it and it be delivered in time, but luckily I was popping over to see my Dad and he lives really near a huge Mothercare.
I quickly went online to the Mothercare website to check the style of swimsuits they had available for girls and couldn't believe the range! Best of all they currently have a lot of their swimsuits/trunks for girls and boys at HALF PRICE! That obviously meant I had to go and buy two swimsuits! I just can't stop buying all the cute baby clothes, is anyone else like that?
On to what I bought...

These soothers were originally £3.99 and were reduced to £1.19.

This cute swimsuit is 0-3 month and was half price at £3.50!

As my niece's name is Daisy I simply couldn't resist this daisy patterned swimsuit! I decided to get this one in 3-6 months because Daisy isn't far off 3 months old, something she can grow into! It was half price at £2.50.

Another 'I simply couldn't resist' item, this sleep suit is the cutest polka dot/flowery design. It's got poppers all the way down the middle, which (apparently) makes changing nappies and getting it on/off, a lot easier! It's 0-3 months but it doesn't have enclosed feet, so might last a bit longer. It was half price at £4.00.

These flowery summer shorts and far too big for Daisy now, it's hard to imagine she'll ever be that big but she will! These were such a bargain at £3 and I just loved the pattern so much. The waist is adjustable, which is perfect for making them last a big longer.

How cute are all of these items?

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  1. Oh my goodness, as much as I love my little boy and his cute tshirts, I desperately want a little girl to cover her in flowers and frills! So pretty, I'm sure you'll be her favourite aunt in no time!

  2. They are all so adorable! Xx


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