Saturday 12 October 2013

bliss fat girl range - my way of toning :)

I have never seen so much of my body, from so many different angles! Since starting wedding dress shopping about a two months ago, I have come to understand my body shape a lot more. When you try wedding dresses on you spend a lot of time with just your bra and knickers on, in front of three way mirrors - trying to avoid it just isn't an option. At first I didn't want to look and would do anything to almost dive into the wedding dresses! But the more I went, the more I became to accept and understand the shape of my body. I'd say I'm a pear shape - I have a smaller waist, bigger hips and legs. I'm loving that wedding dresses cover up my bottom half and I've found them to be very flattering. In fact I've never felt so beautiful, as when I'm in a wedding dress. I'm certainly not the kind of person to be giving myself compliments but why can't we all say when we think we look good in something or if we feel good? I think we all should more - so go on, give yourself a compliment RIGHT NOW! Feel good?
Having said all of this, there is a big insecurity of mine that I do want to 'sort out'. It's something (almost) every women has, no matter your size or shape. Cellulite. Isn't it such a pain? I'm especially conscious of it near my knees, so when I was kindly sent a range of bliss products to try out I was hoping they'd solve this problem.
I was sent the bliss fatgirlscrub (£26.60 from here), which promises to...
'Promotes circulation through exfoliation and massage
• Helps reduce accumulation of stagnant fluids that contribute to lumps and bumps
• Sloughs off dead skin cells that may be blocking the penetration of slimming solutions applied after'
It has a very rough texture, which is what I'd expect from this type of product. I applied it in circle motions around the top of my legs and knees everyday for 3 weeks. It isn't a very laborious job compared to slogging it away at the gym everyday!
I was also sent the bliss fatgirlsleep (£32.70 from here), a product that helps create firm skin while you sleep. The ultimate lazy way of getting firmer, smoother skin! I love how the lavender scent of this product is so perfect for helping you fall asleep too. fatgirlsleep promises to...
'• Promotes a sleep-friendly environment with lavender
• Sacred lotus flower addresses four causes of cellulite: fat storage, fat burning, water retention, and slackened skin
• Helps promote microcirculation'
After completing the scrubbing stage with the fatgirlscrub, I would smooth on fatgirlsleep onto my knees and top of my legs. By this time I certainly felt 'pampered' and dare I say it slightly firmer. Although this was probably a psychological effect, even though these products are excellent quality I think it would be too much to ask for an instant effect! As with the fatgirlscrub, I've been applying the fatgirlsleep for the past 3 weeks too.

So on to the part I'm guessing you all want to know about these products - did they actually work? I have before and after photos, remember I've only been using these two products for 1.5 months! I'm really looking forward to seeing the results after even longer.
 (apologies for the 'not great' photos - lighting has been such an issue!)
Have you tried any bliss products before?
I'd love it if you left me a comment :)

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