Friday 11 October 2013

The National Wedding Show + LOADS of wedding inspiration ♥

 Last weekend it was The National Wedding Show at the NEC, Birmingham - perhaps obviously but I'd never been before (though there were a lot of women there that weren't bridesmaids or getting married, weddings bring us girls together!) so I was excited to see what it was like. The main event I go to every year at the NEC is The Good Food Show, The National Wedding Show was always going to be very different but it certainly didn't disappoint!
From the moment we walked into the giant hall FULL of exhibitors to the moment we life, we were inspired! There are so many different businesses out there with talented people driving them forward. I couldn't help myself taking loads of pictures of the items that especially inspired me, though there were loads of other brilliant exhibitors there. Whatever the kind of wedding you are going for there was something for you at The National Wedding Show, from vintage to classic to glitzy.
I don't really need to say anymore, other than let the inspiration begin.... 
These two pictures are of a fantastic company called Big Day in a Box. We were so inspired by their unique ideas, such as this bedside table full of cookies that you can hire! They also had a big cupboard with 'Midnight Treats' in, you can hire the furniture for your wedding and they provide the sides/food as well. There website is: 
A beautiful table setting from John Lewis who were advertising their Gift List for weddings. They also work alongside Kuoni, so that your guests can contribute towards your wedding. I especially love the individual cupcake dome's in the middle of the table.   

I really want one of these cocktail holders/pourer things! This was actually a wedding cake stand called Posh Pud some gorgeous wedding cakes, even some suspended in bird cages!

Marks and Spencer's had a large stand advertising their wedding cakes. My friend actually had an M&S wedding cake at her wedding last year and it looked and tasted amazing! They are so reasonably priced compared to some wedding cake's and they were offering 10% off all of their wedding cakes at the show. Unfortunately the offer run's out in July 2014 and we're getting married in August, just missed it!

How simple yet stunning are these suspended flower heads?! Every little detail on the Wedding of my Dreams stand was gorgeous, if you look closely at these photo's there are so many different products that work so well together to create the finished look! Back in July I wrote a blog post on Wedding of my Dreams, check it out here.

I can't quite remember which flower stand this display was on but I loved the little wedding signs!

This gorgeous table display was on The Traditional Flower Company stand, I loved their use of interesting holders rather than using a traditional vase.

These dried flowers make a lovely alternative to the more traditional fresh flower. I absolutely loved the use of crates in this display by The Artisan Dried Flower Co, they give such a rustic finish.

Honey Bee's Vintage Teas stand was my absolute heaven - loads of gorgeous vintage crockery, cake stands, bunting etc that you can hire for your wedding day. This is such a good idea and we might end up renting some bunting for our tipi's, we need so much for our wedding day but what would we do with 100's metres of bunting after? Hiring solves all those problems and is often cheaper too! If you're considering hiring then definitely have a look at the Honey Bee's Vintage Teas website. I also really love the use of the ladder as a table plan, we might use a ladder like that one to have jam jars of cocktails on for when the guests arrive at the tipi. It's only £25 to hire this ladder, so I've noted this down in my wedding planner!

This rustic, vintage table setting was on the Sami Tipi stand, we are having benches similar to this at our wedding, so it was interesting to see one decorated. We didn't enquire too much about the Sami Tipi's as we have already booked ours and didn't want to find out we could have got it cheaper!

If you haven't found your wedding dress and are looking for inspiration all under one roof, then The National Wedding Show is the place for you! There were endless shops selling every design under the sun (except the one I wanted!), ready for you to try on. The best part is that all of the dresses are discounted, some by even 50%! Well worth a look if you want a bargain, but you do often have to take it home there and then so plan who you go with. I went to with Tom, which made buying a wedding dress there a little more tricky.

They had an Afternoon Tea Room in the vintage area of the wedding show, so perfect for a Bride and Bridesmaids to have a rest, bite to eat and ponder all of the wonderful inspiration they've seen so far during the day.

Do you feel inspired?

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