Sunday 6 October 2013

Breakfast Time Style ♥

 One of my favourite things about the weekends and holidays is being able to have a leisurely breakfast, with no rushing around or time constraints. Bliss...
Any meal always feels more 'treaty' if you dig out your favourite mug or use a set of new plates. It's like sandwiches, if they're cut into triangles they always feel more special than rectangle shaped sandwiches, right?! So when I came across the most stunning set of rustic, Moorish Stoneware I feel in love. You might think I saw these in a cute shop in Cornwall or at a specialist shop that charge extortionate prices. But no, this beautiful set are from dotcomgiftshop! Now I've been a fan of dotcomgiftshop since I bought a Christmas Sale stash from them last January (see post here). Their stock is exactly what I love about home decoration and gift giving/receiving, vintage inspired, floral, rustic and shabby chic! HEAVEN.
Their new range of Moorish Stoneware is beautiful, with bright colours, rustic patterns and a wide range of products!
Here's a my top picks from the range...
Moorish Cereal Bowl Red Star Anise
Moorish Dipping Bowl £3.95
Moorish Teapot Blue Jasmine
Moorish Coffee Cup Red Star Anise
When dotcomgiftshop kindly offered to send me a range of their Moorish Stoneware I was so excited to see it and it certainly didn't disappoint! The quality is outstanding, nice a thick with the precise patterns. I was sent the 'Emma's Daisy' patterned mugs and bowls, the perfect set for Breakfast time! I was lucky enough to capture one of the beautiful weekend mornings we have had recently, enjoying a warm bowl of porridge on a cool autumn morning in these beautiful bowls was absolute perfection!


Do you like the Moorish style Stoneware?
Feel free to leave me a comment :)



  1. I love the patterns on these! So pretty :) x

  2. Ahh I love things like this! I would fill my whole house with cute stuff :)x


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