Thursday 7 November 2013

WISHLIST: Designer Watches

Since writing this post about a Casio watch I have really started to fall in love with watches! Tom is the complete opposite to me, he has always loved a designer watch. He currently has an Emporio Armani Silver watch, which if I'm honest is stunning! He's worn it everyday for over 3 years and it still looks brand new.
Recently I nearly went wild, oh so very nearly. About a month ago Tom and I went to Manchester Trafford Centre, it was just after I got my first ever 'proper' pay cheque, I just felt like splashing out! So when we walked past the sparkly watch section in Selfridges I decided to be completely extravagant and buy a designer watch there and then. No researching, no real care for the price - well that was until I saw the price tags! I was expecting it to be between £100-£250 but nearly all of them were well over £300! Could I really justify that amount of money (see my wildness didn't last for very long at all!) on a watch? After going for a bite to eat to mull over the idea I decided it was just too much money for an item I had never particularly wanted before that one wild moment.
However since then I have REALLY wanted a designer watch, spending ages browsing the relevant section in department stores and online. Even though I'm a bit late to the appreciation for designer watches, I'm here non the less. You can therefore guess what's at the top of my Christmas wishlist - a designer watch!
I've found that The Watch Hut is one of the best online retailers for designer watches at (slightly) more reasonable prices. I say slightly because a designer watch is always going to be expensive, its the nature of being designer and not high street.
Which is your favourite?
Feel free to leave me a comment :)


  1. I like the first one but I am not really a watch kind of girl (:

  2. They're gorgeous, the first one is my fav

  3. I love watches, thanks for sharing.....I love this site for great discounts.....

  4. I want to present a beautiful designer watch to my husband on our anniversary, next month. I would choose only either Michael Kors or kate spade watches. If Michael Kors, I would like to buy that last one due to its affordable price.


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