Wednesday 18 December 2013

BEAUTY: W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready Primer

 Isn't it so annoying when you've spent ages applying your make up beautifully and within a couple of hours your eyeliner is falling down your face, blusher is non existent and your face is no longer matte? If this rings any bells then you'll probably need to try using a primer - a base that goes underneath your make up that helps to keep your make up in place! W7 Prime Magic Anti-Dull Skin Balancing Primer - Camera Ready* (available for £1.40 here) is a great budget primer that is friendly to the purse strings too.
The texture of this primer is so 'soft' - it almost feels like a powder despite it being a liquid. This makes it easy to apply evenly, leaving a matte finish ready for you to apply your make up. I thought I'd always use a primer for 'special occasions' but I've ended up using this everyday, as I love the finish.  

Do you like to use a primer?
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  1. Does it not make your face look purple?!! I use Cover FX Primer and absolutely love it!

    Katie <3

    1. Not at all, in fact I found it great for achieving a more even skin tone :)

      Helen x


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