Tuesday 8 April 2014

SHOPPING: Primark Holiday Haul

Well I'm off on holiday in a couple of days so I've spent the last couple of weekends stocking up on holiday essentials from Primark. It's a pre-holiday must! I have watched I don't know how many Primark Haul YouTube videos and I love seeing what's currently in stock, so I thought I'd put a haul together for you. This was all bought in two shopping trips, so that makes it alright doesn't it?! (Sorry bank balance!)
Black and White Spotty Blouse £8

Nude Bird Print Blouse £12
Ditsy Floral Print Dress £8
Pale Pink Floral Midi Skirt £14
Floral Jacket £15
Pink Flower Sandals £8
Empty Bottles £1
Sunglasses £1
Shape Me! Tights £3.50
Leggings £3
Black Vest Top £4
Black Sleeveless Blouse £8
Coral Sleeveless Blouse £8
Nude Flower Sandals £8
Coral Dotty Flip Flops £1

I've been on a hunt for midi skirts recently and Primark has quite a range, so if you're looking for some too then I'd recommend heading there!

Feel free to leave me a comment :)



  1. Wow I love all the items especially the floral blazer

  2. Yay I have the floral dress too, love it and such a bargain at £8 :D

    I love a Primark haul so much, could read about them all day. Although each time I do it makes me want to go back. I was only there on Saturday and I already feel a return visit coming. They have amazing things at the moment!

  3. Ooops! It posted before I'd finished! Damn iPhone! Was going to say I adore the floral jacket and might need to track it down x


  4. I love the blouses and Primark have some gorgeous sandals in at the moment I have been hauling like crazy xxxx


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