Monday 2 June 2014

FASHION: Woownow

I took another week off work and I loved having a nice and slow start in the morning, drinking lots of tea and watching daytime tv. As I was in America the last holiday I had, I haven't watched any daytime tv for at least 6 months! This Morning is always part of my morning routine, if I'm staying in all day. I really should have done a bit of work but it's too easy to get distracted - are you like that? I'm awful for it! I was watching the Fashion Edit on This Morning and saw a dress for £5 from a website I had never heard of before - so I thought I'd share the website and all it's bargains with you! The website is called and it's filled with really reasonably priced clothing, shoes and accessories. The range is very varied, so it's worth hunting for something you like. I've not ordered anything from this website (so I can't comment on quality etc.) but if it's good enough for the people at This Morning, it's good enough for me!

My Top Picks...

(This was the dress featured on This Morning)
(Ideal for festival season)

Which is your favourite item from their website?

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