Thursday 14 August 2014


This is the sixth in the 'photograph inspiration' series and this post is focusing on the Groom's party. The Groom is clearly a very important person on the day of their wedding and it's often very important to them to have their closest friends around them. It's interesting when you look for Groom's party photo's because they are often a lot more humorous than the bridal party - not really sure why?!

The Groom's Party Edition...
Vow To Be True     ~     An interesting way to get the entire bridal party's reaction, not just the groom's/bride's, as he recites his vows.
Fun Bridal Party Photos - Bridesmaids and Groomsmen by Janne Photography -

Tres Chic Affairs featured on Wedding Chicks by John Schnack Photography Orfila Vineyards, Winery Wedding, Vintage, Lace, DIY, Bridal Party, photos
Bridal Party Photos - Bridesmaids Pictures | Wedding Planning, Ideas  Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine
haha such a cute bridal party photo! Love this because our reception site has 2 elevators!
Beautiful Wedding Photography #boutonniere #wedding #groom
groomsmen cool gift: Custom superhero cufflinks!
My grooms party will be wearing grey suits
Very cool idea for dressing rooms. Except at mine it'll be in the girls room and the boys will ha e chocolate milk because that's how it works in our house lol
Cool photo idea... should probably do something like this for the groom's party and for the bride's party, especially if we're able to get a beautiful, scenic venue :-)
cute picture - i love nontraditional groomsmen attire
Adorable ♡
Groom Style: 2013 is the year of dapper, daring patterns
Grooms getting ready for wedding ceremony ... Groomsmen ... Wedding party and best man ... Tuxedos and shined shoes ... Photo ops photos photography pics pictures ... Rustic glamorous, country elegance, shabby chic, vintage, whimsical, boho, best day ever
I love these! I really like the old fashioned mismatched groomsmen, and the bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous!

Did you pre plan your wedding photo's or do you plan to?

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