Sunday 23 November 2014

BEAUTY: Let's Go Lashes

False eyelashes are becoming more and more popular, the designs and methods of application are constantly changing and improving. During my university years I would wore false eyelashes quite a lot, they were my more social years. When I hit the working world the number of 'nights out' dropped significantly and I found I had fewer and fewer opportunities to really get dressed up. You know the drill: a long soak in the bath, candles, planning that glamorous hairstyle and make up look, applying false eyelashes, putting on a new dress, donning a new pair of heels you can barely walk in, a final spritz of perfume and your out of the door. The whole process would take a good couple of hours and I'd enjoy every moment of getting ready! So instead of letting those 'getting ready' treats become a thing of my distant university days, I have made a conscious effort to organise/attend events that I could indulge in a good 'getting ready' session. Christmas is a staple 'I'm going to put extra effort into my Christmas Look' and so starts the make up, dress, shoes, hair product, false eyelash hunt.

This year I stumbled across a brand of false eyelashes I hadn't heard of before Let's Go Lashes. They say that their lashes are easy and quick to apply. 

The range is vast, with a lot of different styles that would suit any occasion. I tend to keep my false eyelashes looking as natural as possible. Think 'my eyelashes but better'. Let's Go Lashes do offer some less dramatic eyelashes, which are ideal for day to night events like Christmas Eve/Day/Boxing Day. 

Personally for the Flirt 3 were slightly too long for me, I found that they would tickle just below my eyebrow. This is completely personal preference though, as my friend loves having longer lashes and would have absolutely loved these! 

Regarding the ease of putting them on, I didn't find them as easy as applying individual false eyelashes but compared to other strip lashes I've tried they weren't too bad. As with all false eyelashes they are always a little bit fiddly but nothing a pair of tweezers couldn't sort out! These were also incredibly light, you can barely feel them. Gone have the days when it feels like you have butterflies hanging on to the end of your weighed down eyelashes!

What kind of style eyelashes do you like wearing?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x  



  1. great post! I've actually have never tried lashes, still to come! xx

  2. My favourite ever lashes are Ardell's 120 Demi's :) But I am also fond of Mac's 48's! These look like they'd be really tricky to apply, I love a natural flutter to mine with lots of length.

    Francesca xo |


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