Friday 27 March 2015

INTRODUCING: Little Chickie Baby and Toddler Clothing Boutique

Why does looking for baby clothes become such an obsession? Everyone I know loves shopping for baby clothes, they are just so tiny and cute! I've been loving browsing the Internet for unique baby clothes, especially as we know we're having a girl. I sometimes think if I didn't know the gender would we have bought quite so many clothes? The answer is probably yes but I can pretend that we wouldn't have. 
When it comes to cute baby clothes, a fun website and unique clothing designs Little Chickie has it all! Little Chickie is a family run, independent baby and toddler online clothing boutique, which brings a range of unique, fashionable brands to the market. The website is has such a cute design and is one of the easiest websites I've been on to navigate - something I definitely look for, as time is always limited. There's various sections on the website, including: boys, girls, unisex clothing, holiday shop, sale, gift ideas and brands. This makes browsing the beautiful clothing products very easy, which will be dangerous for your bank account but perfect for the lucky recipients wardrobe.
^I spotted this advert in the latest gurgle magazine!^
One brand that really stood out to me on the Little Chickie website was Pigeon Organics Baby Clothing. Their design of baby grows are like nothing I had seen before. They are designed to last between 0-6 months or 6-12 months old, a lot longer than most baby grows. They do this by having a really clever design on the feet part of the baby grow, you can flip over the material when the baby is younger (covering their little feet) and then unflip the material when they get older (exposing their feet). This results in the baby grow lasting a lot longer and gives you the flexibility of exposing the babies feet or not, depending on the temperate and size of the baby. How clever?!
 This design is the Baby Girl Romper - Pink Spotty*. You can clearly see here the foot design, as well as the pretty stripy pattern paired up with the spots.

Here are my top picks from Little Chickie...


There is currently 20% off when you spend £35 on the Little Chickie website, so now is the perfect time to pick up some of these beautiful items.

Which is your favourite item from the Little Chickie website?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x


  1. Oh, that IS clever! I've known so many people who ended up cutting the feet off babygrows because the baby got too tall before s/he got too chunky for them.

    As for shopping less if you don't know the gender... Mm... I can't say I've managed to restrain myself! I've been very strict about buying things in lots of different sizes rather than buying forty different 0-3 month outfits but I've actually really enjoyed the challenge of finding fun unisex outfits.

  2. Love the fox one!!! And the elephants :)


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