Sunday 29 March 2015

REVIEW: February Degustabox

Last month I first introduced you to the Degustabox - a fantastic subscription box service in which you recieve a box FULL of food and drink goodies every month. The January box was filled with healthy products, new year and all that. Now onto the February Degustabox* - a box much more to my personal taste. We're talking chocolate, nuts, lots of interesting flavours and new products to try out! Opening the Degustabox is always so exciting because you never know what's going to be inside, I'm a sucker for this kind of thing. 
Schwartz Flavour Shots x2 - £1.40 each
I'm all up for easy, quick ways of introducing a lot of flavour to meals, especially with having no real kitchen at the moment (we're in the middle of renovating). These Schwartz Flavour Shots came in Indian Mild Masala Curry and Spanish Paella - I can't wait to try these out!
Whole earth 3 nut spread - £3
A new twist on peanut butter, which I hadn't come across before. This spread contains cashews, peanuts and hazelnuts - a dreamy combination if you ask me. I've been really enjoying this on toast and on slices of apple. 
Jack Link's Beef Snack - £1.39
As a vegetarian I'm clearly not able to try this but I've heard it was very chewy! It doesn't have to be kept in the fridge, so it's perfect for packed lunches.
Original Melba Thins - £1.39
Hello current pregnancy obsession! These are packaged in 10 sets, so you don't have to eat the whole box of Melba thins in one go - ideal for keeping that crispness. I love love love these with margarine, pickle, cheese, chilli jam and jam - not all at the same time though. 
Beet It Sport Pro-Elite Bar x2 -£1.35 each
These are Beetroot and Oat flapjacks, ideal for energy when excersing for any length of time. The combination of oats and beetroot is an interesting one, it's something I wouldn't usually try but hav now had the opportunity to thanks to the Degustabox. 
Laimon Fresh Sparkling Lemon-Lime and Mint Drink -£1.99
I absolutely loved the sound of this when I saw it in the box, if sounded like a mojito but without the alcohol - therefore pregnancy friendly! It's so tasty and does taste similar to a mojito, I regretted not drinking it with lots of crushed ice. Now I'm on the hunt for more, so that I can do just that!
American Muffin Co. Ltd 6 Chocolate Brownie Bites - £2.50
Anything that makes my packed lunches more exciting is good with me and these brownies definitely did that. They are individually wrapped, making them ideal for on the go. They're also gluten and wheat free.
Lily O'Briens Cocoa Cookie Crunch -£2.50
This was my favourite product from this Degustabox box - they are incredible. Chocolately, crunchy and bite size all make for the most delicious treat. We made our way through this whole bag in an embarrassingly quick time
Peanut Hottie -£3
I have seen this peanut butter flavour hot drink floating around social media for a while and been so intrigued. Now I have the opportunity to try it and I'm a bit nervous if I'm honest. I haven't tried if yet but I've smelt it and it smells sweeeet! 

You can use the code -ZJXE0- for a £3 discount - so go check out the website!

Have you tried the a Peanut Hottie drink?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x


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