Wednesday, 1 April 2015

HOSPITAL BAG: Packing The Baby Bag

Packing my hospital bag was exciting enough but packing the baby's hospital bag was almost too much. Too much cuteness, too much 'awww-ing' over everything I was packing. I'm sure the novelty will wear off but for now I'm really enjoying washing her clothes, tumble drying them, folding them, organising them etc! Again, I read a lot of hospital bag lists for the baby and settled on these items (plus a couple more I've packed since, like a blanket and couple more newborn baby grows and vests).
3x 0-1 month babygrows 
2x Dribble bibs
1 pair of scratch mitts
1 pair of booties
1 hat
Cellular Blanket
Is there anything else you'd recommend packing for baby?

Feel free to leave me a comment :) 

Helen x


  1. I've packed very similar to you for my little boy. The only other thing I have is a pack of water wipes, which my midwife said were good and safe, especially for the first meconium poop. I love all the white clothes you've got for your little girl - I think newborns look so lovely in white! x

  2. Ah, cuteness! I'm packing mine when maternity leave starts in four weeks - and also sorting through an entire cupboard of clothes we've managed to accumulate for the first nine months! So exciting :)


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