Saturday 13 June 2015

BABY: Bathtime with NAÏF

I just love the background stories behind brands, especially brands that have been created by people who have a dream and make it come true. NAÏF is one of these brands - created by two Dads who wanted to bring high quality and honest baby care products to the market. For me its really important that we only use baby products that are as natural as possible. Babies skin is so incredibly soft and sensitive, I don't want to use anything that will aggravate my daughters skin, as I'm sure a lot of parents don't. 
NAÏF baby care product range include: nourishing shampoo, cleansing wash gel, softening body lotion, nurturing cream, diaper cream, milky bath oil and soothing baby oil. You can buy these seperately or as a gift set, which would make a lovely gift for new parents. The design of all of the NAÏF products is so stylish and contemporary, a simple and clear design makes these perfect to have on display in your bathroom. 
The NAÏF Softening Body Lotion* is especially developed for the delicate and sensitive baby skin and is suitable for everyday use. It is a perfect source of moisture for dry skin, which Isabella has had since she was born. Made from natural ingredients, such as cottonseed oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil and bisabolol (chamomile), it is kind to her skin too. I've really noticed an improvement in Isabella's dry skin since using this body lotion, her arms were espeically dry and flakey. 
The NAÏF Cleansing Wash Gel* is based on a soap-free formula, therefore it does not irritate the skin or sting the eyes. The mild forumla gently cleanses while preserving the skin’s hydrolipidic film to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Made from natural ingredients such as cottonseed extract and gluten free wheat protein powder. I find the ingredients in the NAÏFproducts very interesting and unique on the baby care market. Bathtime is such a lovely time of the day in our family - its the time we spend together focusing on our daughter. We bath Isabella every couple of days and this cleansing wash gel has been a nice way of ensuring she's clean and that her skin doesn't get irritated. 
Washing Isabella's hair was the first 'washing' we did with her after she was born, her hair was covered in 'goo' from labour/giving birth (nice!) Initially she wasn't a fan, but after the first couple of times she now likes it, espeically when we sprinkle the water over her head - it must be such a strange sensation for her. The NAÏF Nourishing Shampoo* is especially developed for the baby’s delicate hair and scalp and again is based on a soap-free formula. The mild formula leaves the hair soft and shiny. Made from natural ingredients such as cottonseed extract and gluten free wheat protein powder. I love how fluffy and soft Isabella's hair is after using this shampoo, she was born with a lot of dark brown hair but when it's washed it looks even longer!
When Isabella is old enough I'm looking forward to taking her to baby massage classes. Some of the ladies in our NCT group have already taken their babies to a massage class and it sounds really good, especially for babies with colic. As soon as we start baby massage I'll be using the NAÏF Soothing Baby Oil*. It is especially developed for the dry and sensitive baby skin, penetrating the skin easily without leaving a greasy film. It moisturises and reinforces the natural protection of the skin, with a combination of plant oils and essential fatty acids. This results in a supple and silky-smooth skin. Made from natural ingredients such cottonseed oil and bisabolol (chamomile).

You can buy NAÏF products from Boots, so they're very accessible on the high street and well worth checking out next time you're in Boots. 

Have you heard of NAÏF before?

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  1. Ooh, these look good. My boy is nearly four weeks old now and his skin is quite dry. I'm tempted to give them a go :)


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