Tuesday 21 July 2015

SKINCARE: Vital Touch Natalia Prenatal Body Scrub

 Since giving birth my skin has been seriously challenging - really dry. However much I moisturise my body I haven't been able to stop it, my legs have been the biggest problem. Has anyone else had this issue post pregnancy?
I needed a tough, yet moisturising body scrub that would buff away the dry skin and that's where Vital Touch Natalia Prenatal Beautiful Body Scrub* (£10) steps in. 
This body scrub is actually formulated for pregnancy, but doesn't mean you can only use it when pregnant. What it does mean is that you know the ingredients will be gentle on the skin, perfect! The body scrub is made with a base of Coconut Oil, which is so moisturising on the skin and almost melts into the skin when you buff the scrub on. The sea salt aspect of the scrub provides the 'scrub' and helps to buff away dead skin cells. I wouldn't say this is the most gentle body scrub I've tried, it definitely for when you really want to get rid of all of those dead skin cells.
The scent of this body scrub is one of my favourite things about it, the aromatic essential oil blend of Geranium, Sweet Orange and Patchouli oils comforts and eases tension. But the best thing is how long the fragrance lasts on the skin, it's better than perfume! After using this scrub my husband noticed the scent as I walked past him and commented on how lovely it is. It's a very organic, natural scent - just what you'd expect from a Vital Touch Natalia product.

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Helen x


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