Tuesday 20 October 2015

ISABELLA: 6 month update

How have I been a mummy for half a year? How has it been 6 months since I was in labour? How is Isabella already 6 months old?! I honestly cannot express how quickly this past half a year has gone, it's crazy. So much has changed, in fact I can barely remember life before having a child. Some things that have changed are incredible and others not so much (what is it like to have a full nights sleep? It's been a while). Watching Isabella grow, change and develop over this past 28 weeks has been an honour and I feel incredibly lucky to have the life I now have. 
Isabella has gone from being a small newborn baby who couldn't even hold her own head up to a sitting up independently 6 month old! It's actually so mind boggling how much babies change in those early months of their life and it's all about them trying to survive. I think I read somewhere that the quickest you'll ever learn is in the first three months of your life. 

At 6 months Isabella can now sit up on her own, eat purées and some finger foods, push herself backwards along the floor, take steps forward and backwards when we're holding her hands, coordinate her hands to her mouth, has two teeth, can suck her feet, support her own weight, drink from a sippy cup, feed herself her bottle, lift her head up to 90 degrees when on her tummy, chatter away, copy things we do (sticking tongue out etc), blow bubbles, roll both ways, support her own head, grab and interact with toys. All of that has changed in six months!

There are skills Isabella still needs to learn....like sleeping! We were up every hour last night for instance, so not quite cracked that one yet. It's not always that bad, but we're certainly not having a lot of solid sleep currently. Really hoping it changes soon, as some solid sleep would be gratefully received.

Isabella's having three meals a day now, sometimes also having pudding. She loves her food and enjoys munching on finger food now too. Her favourites are wholemeal toast with butter and cucumber, both of which she can actually eat rather than just chew. 

She's learnt all of this in 6 months - I find that mind blowing! I'm so incredibly proud of every little skill she learns and am so excited for the future.

When did your little one start sleeping through the night?

Feel free to leave a comment :) 

Helen x
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  1. Aaaaaaahhhhh! Matilda's six months tomorrow and I'm with you on this: where has the time gone? how can this be the same baby we brought home such a short space of time ago? how has she managed to learn so much?!

    Looking forward to hearing about the next six months (and the next and the next and the next).

  2. Awww she is a such a wee pet and I bet those six months feel as though you've blinked!

  3. My daughter is 3 months old and I cant birve in 3 months she may be doing the things you mentioned! It sounds so grown up! You're right, it is mind blowing! They are so clever!!! Isabella is a cutie! X

  4. My daughter is 3 months and she can sleep 8 hours but she doesn't always. Sometimes she sleeps 6 sometimes 5. I guess it just depends! What are Isabellas day sleeps like?
    Like the above commenter I can't believe in 3 more months Maddie could be doing all of these things. It's unbelievable how quickly they change.

  5. Happy 6 months baby girl xxx


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